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Perry's Bridge Reptile Park is conveniently located just 14kms from Phabeni gate and Numbi gate to Kruger National Park and on the panoramic route to the Blyde River Canyon. This is an opportunity not to be missed when you visit the Lowveld. Species to view include anacondas, reticulated pythons, black mamba, green mamba, rattlesnakes, boomslang, gaboon adder, and cobras, amongst many many others as well as poison dart frogs, iguanas, the ancient leopard tortoises and huge Nile crocodiles. Enclosures are designed to mimic the animals' natural environment, providing a more enjoyable lifestyle for the animals and a providing greater viewing pleasure for our visitors. Children will love to meet our potbellied pigs PumPum, Peaches and Pumpkin, their goat friends Daisy and Gandalf, the peacocks Letitia and Lancelot, as well as a variety of ducks and geese. The gardens are a bird haven attracting many of our local species including spectacular purple crested touracos and resident woodland kingfishers - we even have a resident gymnogene who is regularly sighted. Complete your visit with a trip to our own curio shop, then enjoy your time relaxing in some of the many restaurants offered at Perrys Bridge, write home from the internet cafe, or enjoy a beverage at the brewery. Shopping opportunities also exist for locally produced quality crafts and curios, an art gallery and a divine Belgian Patissiere combined with a wine shop. A small playground for the children is also provided. TIMESOperating hours - The park is open from Monday to Sunday throughout the year including public holidays. Our opening hours are from 10:00am til 17:00pm. Demonstrations - Demonstrations are held daily at 11:00am and 15:00 pm. These last approximately 45 minutes and primarily showcase our indigenous species. Crocodile Feeding - If you want a real thrill, come along on Sunday afternoon at 14:00 pm for the Alligator and Crocodile feeding!! (weather permitting)


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