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A Brief Overview

The tiny town of Low’s Creek was named after Scot David Ireland Low, who discovered a gold bearing reef in the vicinity. In 1895 the town became one of the stations on the Barberton to Kaapmuiden railway line, which drew more people to this small agricultural community. Low’s Creek Farm was given to Jack Dreyer, a member of the secret services during the South African War (1899-1902) for services rendered. While he didn’t farm the land, he ran the Dreyer Hotel, which went on to become the Low’s Creek Hotel when the main road between

Witwatersrand and Komatipoort was completed. The closure of the railway line had a big impact on Low’s Creek and the town is now a shadow of its former self. Nevertheless the rich agricultural community surrounding the town provides passers-by with the opportunity to pick up fresh fruit at roadside stalls and to enjoy a scenic drive through the delightful patchwork of orchards, pastures and plantations.

Close to Lows Creek are two wonderful attractions and oases of calm. The beautiful Boondocks Mountain Labyrinth, where visitors can escape the frantic pace of modern day life and reconnect with a simpler way of life. As well as outsider artist Nukain Mabuza’s Stone Garden. The beautifully painted rocks are still inspiring people from all over the world, long after Nukain’s death, and are a National Treasure not to be missed. Another interesting local icon is the painted Nkomazi Silo.


Photo Credits:
Ludwig Sevenster