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If you want to explore some of the most beautiful countryside on quad, mountain bike or in a 4x4, then Oppikoppi is just for you.

With its rustic style it creates a unique atmosphere where you can relax and let the city stress subside while you learn more about the history, culture and natural heritage of the area you are moving through.


Bring your quad bike (or rent one) and come and explore the myriad of tracks and trails available in the Barberton Mountain land. These tracks were made when pioneering spirits came to scour the Mountains looking for gold and opening up trade routes.

We have various routes to choose from and all skill levels are catered for. Quad biking is a fun and save way to explore the mountain lands.


Mpumalanga and Barberton in particular has some of the most striking scenery in all of Southern Africa. Most of it is off the beaten track LITERALLY!

You can explore some of the most beautifull countryside on one of Rassie's 4x4 Adventures. Not just do you get to drive your 4x4 vehicle on trails from Beginner to Expert, but you learn more about the history, culture and natural heritage of the area you are driving through.

Eureka City Trail

You will visit the ruined city itself, with its horse racetrack, the old Victoria Hotel, The Edwin Bray tunnel and the old ox-wagon route, all while learning more About the gold pioneering history and it’s famous characters and happenings. The tour culminates in a visit underground into the richest goldmine ever worked by Man, the 'Golden Quarry'.

Nowhere are man’s endeavours to become rich quick - the vast cavenous mine was entirely done by hand, more than a century ago.

The tour is filled with fascinating examples and information on Barberton’s rich geological heritage. The mountain land is home to some of the oldest rocks on planet Earth.

These rocks are also host to the first life forms on planet earth. You will see lava flows, 3500 million year old beaches, and learn more about the earth’s birth and Early history.

Evidence of the largest meteorite ever to hit the earth is also contained within this area.

The scenic splendour of the area is breathtaking and most of the tour is spent in the beautiful montain land. It is not an obstacle course, but anyone with a good suspension and some ground-clearance will be able to cope.

Shiaylongubo Dam Scenic Trail

This trail leads off the Bulembu road, and takes you down the Shiyalongubo dam road through forested areas. 7 km down from the tar, you enter Peglars bush.

This is a magnificent natural forest with the canopy closing over the road in several places. For more than one and a half kilometres, you drive through this magical forest.

The dam has a beautiful setting and is the ideal place to stop and relax. We now take you up into the mountains beyond Shiyalongubo dam to view some spectacular scenery.

This track can be quite challenging when wet, with drivers not able to make it up during rainy conditions. At the end of the track, we take you on a short walk through a pristine mountain forest with stunning yellow woods and flowering plants. From here you continue down the steep pass down to Lows Creek to return back to Barberton.

Oxwagon Trail

The oxwagon trail is a historical road that lead to Mozambique during the Anglo Boer War. Evidence of this war is still visible on the trail. We visit amongst other the place where a wagon filled with ammunition exploded during the war.

This is an experienced driver trail. You get to test your 4x4 and your driving capabilities on this one. The reward is breathtaking scenery in the Barberton Mountainlands.


We now offer mountain bike trails in and around the mountainlands of Barberton. Experience the majesty and beauty of this rugged country side from your mountain bike.

Note, this is MOUNTAINOUS country and is not for the faint hearted! You need a degree of fitness to participate in the trails. You will be escorted with a Quad bike that carries a first aid kit, water, refreshments and spares.

Trails take place inside the Mountainlands Game Reserve and you can experience wildlife, scenery, history and adventure all in one....


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