The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency is established in terms of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency Act of 2005, Act No. 5 of 2005, and listed as a Schedule 3C Public Entity. The entity came into existence on 1 April 2006 following the merger of the now defunct Mpumalanga Parks Board and Mpumalanga Tourism Authority.



The MTPA subscribes to the following core values:

  • Productive (results oriented / disciplined / efficient / punctual / cost conscious)
  • Integrity (ethical / honest / transparent / truthful / accountable / reliable / responsible)
  • Committed (motivated / dedicated / diligent / passionate)
  • Teamwork (participative / consultative / collaborative)
  • Service excellence (responsive / client need driven / approachable / friendly / competitive / time conscious)
  • Innovative (flexible / creative / adaptable / pro-active / initiative)
  • Respectful (treating others with respect / dignity / humility / fairness / consistent)
  • Quality conscious (attention to detail / accuracy / critical mindset / quality focus / preparedness)



Mpumalanga: A world-class tourism and wildlife economy.




Grow tourism and manage biodiversity to stimulate sustainable economic growth that is inclusive and creates decent employment.


  • To create a stable, credible and sustainable Agency through adequate funding of R570 million (Grant funding R405 million, Own revenue R50 million and Partnerships R115 million) by 2016/17 that will enable the Agency to execute its mandate.
  • To provide for effective management and conservation of biodiversity and eco-systems in the Province by addressing the following policies and legislative imperatives on a continuous basis through to 2016/17:
  • Protect and conserve the natural resources, biodiversity and ecosystems within the Province
  • Develop and effectively manage Protected Areas
  • Increase land under conservation
  • Implement the People and Parks Program
  • Promote and create socio-economic growth and transformation within the conservation industry, thereby creating economic and employment opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals and local communities in the Province

Organisational Structure

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