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Winter is the best time of year to go hiking in Mpumalanga. Limited rainfall possibility and cooler temperatures mean a perfect day out on the trails. As we dip past the shortest day of the year and make our way into Spring, combined with the winter school holidays, you couldn’t pick a more perfect time to hit the hiking trails.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sites to see on walking and hiking trails in the Mpumalanga region. We’ve highlighted a few such trails - be it a more casual walking trail, overnight walking trail, or full on hike - we’ve got you covered and ready to deliver the outdoor adventure goods.

The Queen Rose Hiking Trail

Considered an incredibly scenic Hiking Trail, the Queen Rose is a two-day, 26km hike that will lead you through indigenous forests, over mountain passes, through the Montrose plantation and along the Queens River.

Set on the Genesis Route in Mpumalanga, you’ll be enjoying suspension bridges, 20 river crossings, splash pools and 350+ species of birds!

What kind of fitness level do you need, we hear you asking? Well a reasonable level of fitness is required in order to make the walking trail adventure one that entices you for more, and not ends in pain. A good pair of hiking boots will also set you in good stead for the days ahead.

For more information on where the trail is located, how to get there and how to book, visit: https://bit.ly/3N63HAp.

Kruger Park, Panorama Route, Eswatini Trail

Next on our list is the 5-day Kruger Park walking trail excursion. This beautiful trail will take you up and up as you begin, ascending toward the mountains, and finally hitting the escarpment in the North-East. As you go on your 5-day trail, you’ll start descending into the Lowveld.

What will you experience? Spectacular scenery, of mountains, Lowveld bush, fauna, flora and more. You’ll make your way into Eswatini, visit the Ngwenya Glass factory, King Sobuza memorial, the Candle Factory, Mantenga Cultural Village and SO much more.

If an adventurous hiking trail through mountains, rivers, wild South Africa and Eswatini is enticing for you - look no further. Visit https://bit.ly/3NnJfvn for more information on bookings and budgeting details.

The Num-Num Trails

Green flag approved, the Num-Num trail was voted "Best Long Trail in South Africa in 2013”. With trail durations lasting anything between 2 to 5 days depending on the hiking trail experience you prefer, the Num-Num trail follows a circular route that explores the very best of Mpumalanga’s contrasting landscapes, vast birding ecosystems and an abundance of fauna and flora.

Wathaba Hiking Trails

With two trails available to explore, the Wathaba hiking trails offer a hiking destination for outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in as an ideal hiking weekend getaway. The two trails, namely the Bosbokroete (4km) and the Lynx Loop (10km) offers nature lovers a piece of heaven, with its tranquillity and beautiful surroundings host to some of Mpumalanga’s most spectacular birdlife as well as a variety of small mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

Whatever type of hiking or walking trail or adventure you’re looking for, Mpumalanga is waiting for you. Take a trip to our website and start exploring the various walking and hiking trails you could be enjoying on your winter or Spring holiday.


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