Top things to do in Mpumalanga


Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon is the site of Natural Phenomena. It is the largest Green Canyon in the world and stretches over 26 Kilometres and is over 800 meters deep. You can do the following activies:

Microlight Flights
This is a one hour flight over the Blyde River Dam and over the Canyon returning towards Hoedspruit, where game can be viewed from the air.

Boat Trips
A guided boat trip to the rare Kadishi Tufa Waterfall and the Three Rondavels, you will see wildlife and learn about the natural history of Blyde River Cannon.

Lower Blyde River Tubing
This is an hour-long adrenaline rush with wild rapids in places where the water level is high.

Abseil down a cliff next to the Blyde Dam Wall and enjoy the scenery around you. This isn’t for the faint.

The Pinnacle a freestanding quartzite buttress which stands 30m above the indigenous forest below.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes
Go see the magnificent rock features called “Bourke’s Luck Potholes”. These enormous potholes have been carved by pebbles swirling around in the pools where the Blyde and Treur River meet and become one.

Three Rondavels
Go see the formally known “Three Sisters”, which when being described look like “three rondavels” due to the rocky outcrops, whose points look like rondavels

God’s Window
The Zenith of the Panorama Route, God’s Window is such a picturesque view point that it has been called “God’s Window”, due to the sheer natural beauty contained in one view.

Lisbon Falls
The Lisbon Falls are the Highest waterfalls in Mpumalanga and it is named after the capital city of Portugal, which is Lisbon.

Berlin Falls
The Berlin Falls are shaped in what looks like a “white candle” and the water falls into a green pool, it is a must see.

The Natural Bridge
Visit the Park at the curio stalls and follow the short footpath into small gorge, where the Mac Mac River carved a path under the rocks which forms and natural bridge. This bridge use to be used by the Voortrekkers and was later used by transport riders to cross the Mac Mac River.


Big Five of the Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in Africa. The park stretches for 352 kilometres from the North to the South along the South African and Mozambique Border. Things that you can do in the Kruger National Park:

Hot Air Balloon Safari
Seeing the picturesque landscapes, forests and hills as the famous South African sun rises. You will be able to see wildlife and beautiful plant life.

Visiting the Cultural Village
Visit the cultural village in the Kruger National Park and see the traditional life style of the: Ndebele tribe, Pedi tribe, San tribe, Shangaan tribe, Tsoga tribe and Venda tribe. You will have the opportunity to eat with them, dance with them and experience their ever day life.

Elephant Back Safari
See the Kruger National Park on one of the Big Five, not only are they the biggest land animals but the are also one of the cleverest and they will remember you long after you have left.

Stay in a luxury lodge or camp
Experience the African bush lifestyle with birds twittering away and lions occasionally roaring, what could be better than this?


The Sudwala caves/ The Sudwala Dinosaur Park

Visit the Sudwala Caves, which are regarded as the oldest caves in the world. See the PR Owen Hall known as the “Amphitheatre”, which is so large that it has its own natural cooling system.

Go on the Crystal Tour, which takes you 2000m below into the heart of the caves. The aim of this tour is to reach the Crystal Chamber, which has spectacular aragonite crystals. This tour isn’t for the faint hearted and it is designed for individuals who seek adventure. Please make sure that you meet the requirements before you set your heart on doing this tour.

While you are at the Sudwala Cave you can also go to The Sudwala Dinosaur Park where you can see life size models of pre-historical dinosaurs along with the real life Nile crocodiles.


Flyfishing at Dullstroom

Dullstroom is the capital of fly-fishing in South Africa. It is cold little town, but it is also cosy and misty, making you feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale with a foggy wonderland. Things that you can do:

Fish in the Fly Fishing Capital
Dullstroom offers world-class still water river fishing with the chances to catch Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Ride a Horse and Taste Freedom
Go horse riding and experience the thrill of the wind blowing through your hair, while you enjoy galloping through the green fields and mountains.

Bird Watching
Stand the chance of seeing South Africa’s national bird, the Blue Crane at the Highlands Crane group. It is a great photo taking opportunity. Or you can go see the masterful technique of eagles and owls hunting at the Bird of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre.

Bergen Cheese Farm
Go to the Bergen Cheese farm and taste traditionally made cheese or learn to make it yourself on a cheese-making course.

Wild Flowers Excursion
Smell the rich scent of wild flowers when you take the regular veld excursion and experience the beautiful scenery around you.

Wild About Whiskey
Wild About Whiskey has the largest collection of whiskey in the Southern hemisphere. Go on Whiskey Tasting Tour and learn about “the water of life” from three self-confessed whiskey fanatics.

Clock Shop
The Clock Shop in Dullstroom specialises in clocks. They have the largest collection of clocks in the Southern hemisphere. Browse through their collections of delicately crafted, Mantel Clocks, Wooden Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks and Cabinets.


Loskop Dam Nature Reserve

Loskop Dam is known as the largest dam in the Southern Hemisphere and it is also a Nature Reserve for wildlife and plant life. You can do the following:

Boat Safari
Loskop Dam is the only place in Mpumalanga where you can take a game drive on the water! You could possibly see the three of the big five: the Buffalo, the Leopard and the White Rhino.

You can hike around the Loskop Dam and see the spectacular wildlife and Flora and Fauna.


Shangana Cultural Village

Evening Festival: experience a hosted festival of singing, acting and dancing, which show chases the spectacular stories of the Shangana tribe.

Day Tour: a guided tour through forests to the Shangana family. Guests will be able to experience the Shangana customs and traditions.


Gold Panning at Pilgrims Rest

Pilgrims Rest is a little town that is lost in the 1800’s. The town is small enough for you to explore it on foot; you can do the following:

Mrs. Mac’s
Visit the local Ndebele ladies and see how they manufacture art works that cater for their Ndebele Cultural needs. There is a wide selection of other arts and crafts available that you can purchase and use to decorate your home.

Ponieskrantz Arts & Crafts
Visit the Ponieskrantz Arts & Crafts and see beautifully stained glass, pottery, weaving and glass jewellery all of which you can use to decorate your home.

Gold Panning Championship
Take part in the annual Gold-panning Championships, held every year in September. This is a fun family event, challenge them with the goal to be the first to find a nugget.


Lowveld Botanical Gardens at Nelspruit (Mbombela)

Go to Nelspruit (Mbombela), which is the capital city of Mpumalanga, a busy town with tons to do. Visit the following places:

Lowveld National Botanical Gardens
Visit the Botanical Gardens, which is divided into eight sections. Enjoy a picnic on the lawns and the chance to see birds feeding off the nectar of the flowers a brilliant photo opportunity, if you can catch it.

The Jane Goodall Institute
Visit the Jane Goodall Institute, for a Guided Tour that teaches you all about the chimpanzees that have been they have rescued. This tour is an hour long and afterwards you can enjoy refreshments at the restaurant.


Forests at Sabie

The little town of Sabie is situated on the banks of the Sabie River and is surrounded by forests. Enjoy the following:

4x4 Trips
Take a once in a lifetime chance to go on a 4x4 trip, through thousands of plantation roads. These roads are normally closed off to the public but 4x4 Adventures gives you an unforgettable chance to drive yourself through the man made forests and experience the quiet beauty of these plantations.

Sabie Valley Coffee
Enjoy the real rich taste of Arabica coffee. The Sabie Valley Coffee has coffee that will fulfil your every need. You can enjoy a Coffee Tour and have the chance to buy coffee to drink at home from the Sabie Valley Coffee gift shop.

Bird Watching
Go see the birds in Sabie. You will be able to see the world’s fastest bird the peregrine Falcon, which can reach speed of 300km per hour the endangered Blue Swallow, the Buffstreaked chat and the Secretary bird.

African Arts and Crafts
Visit local shops for fine collection of African Arts and Crafts from local artists, everything from pots and paintings to a soap stone sculpture.

The Natural Bridge
Visit the Park at the curio stalls and follow the short footpath into small gorge, where the Mac Mac River carved a path under the rocks which forms and natural bridge. This bridge use to be used by the Voortrekkers and was later used by transport riders to cross the Mac Mac River.


Makhonjwa Mountains at Barberton

Visit the Makhonjwa Mountains, which are over 3.5 billion years old and are known to be the “Genesis of life”.


Birding at Chrissiesmeer

Chrissiesmeer is known as the Lake District of South Africa. Yearly Lake Chrissie is painted pink by the visiting flamingos. Things you can do:

Go fishing for Bass and Carp in the local pans and lakes. The best spot to go fishing is at the Eiland Meer, because the other fishing spots require a permit to fish.

Wild Flowers
See the wonderful Wild Flowers in Chrissiesmeer. The best time to see the 12 local Wild Orchids is during February and August.

Big Foot
Go see the Big Foot that has been imprinted into the rocks and decide whether or not giants roamed the earth.

JCB leather
Visit the local leather shop and find many products to choose from like: Medical Sheepskins and various styles of slippers made out of sheepskin and wool.

McCloud’s Wool Products
Visit McCloud’s Wool Products, which is the local wool shop and see how the locals make wool filled duvets. These duvets will surely keep you warm during the cold winter nights.

Rock Climbing at Waterval Boven

Waterval Boven is situated on the edge of the escarpment, which is on the banks of the Elands Rivers. You can do the following:

Roc ‘n Rope
Waterval Boven has rock climbing for the experienced climbers and novices. The advanced climbs will test your endurance, problem solving and technical skills. From the top you will be able to see views of forests and hills that are full of animals and plant life.

Beauticus Country Spa
Visit the Beauticus Country Spa in the Elands Valley of the Drakensberg Mountain Range. Spoil yourself to a world-class experience of relaxation and the beauty of the nature around you.

Num Num Trail
The Num Num Trail is a three to five-day hike around Badplaas and Machadorp through gorges, rivers and forests and past waterfalls. The Num Num trail is a Green Flag route, which means it, ranges from moderate to difficult. Hiker have the choice of back packing, where you carry all your supplies in a large or slack packing where you carry just you day pack, and the rest of your supplies are transported to the comfortable well equipped rest camps.




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