The Wild Frontier


Sharing borders with Mozambique, and Swaziland, the Wild Frontier is referred to as the ‘Cradle of life’ due to the important archaeological findings that date back more than 3 billion years.

If you’re looking for an adventure to plan to make the most of the last few months before winter arrives, the Wild Frontier route is a favourite Mpumalanga hot spot to visit, with places to dine, little towns to explore and adventure to be had.

Barberton, named the ‘Gold Rush’ town, was named after Graham Barber who discovered one of the town’s rich gold-bearing reefs. It is situated in the De Kaap Valley in the heart of Mpumalanga, fringed by the Makhonjwa Mountain Range. Barberton offers mild Lowveld winters and summers that are slightly cooler than those in Nelspruit, providing the perfect holiday getaway the whole year round!

Only just 3 ½ hours’ drive from Johannesburg via the N17 & R38, and 30 minutes from Nelspruit along the R40, pack your weekend bag and hit the road for a weekend of adventure.

Explore Barberton


This little farming town in the Mpumalanga Wild Frontier region is marked by an old abandoned silo, which has been repainted to add some colour and flavour to the area!

The option of multiple nature reserves is right on your doorstep, if you choose to explore this town on your way down to Mbombela for a weekend adventure. Not to mention the much famed Leopard Creek Golf Course - a must for any golf enthusiast, or those who like to spectate.

Explore Kaapmuiden


Hectorspruit is a small farming town in Mpumalanga, officially named Emjejane. Situated between Kaapmuiden and Komatipoort on a southern tributary of the Crocodile River, the farms in this region produce sugarcane, subtropical fruit and vegetables.

A small town itself, the surrounding area offers many game and wildlife exploration opportunities - with many nature reserves to choose from, including the Crocodile Bridge Gate, the most Eastern entrance to the Kruger Park Nature Reserve.

Explore Hectorspruit

Louws Creek

As with many of the towns to explore in the Mpumalanga Wild Frontier Route, Louws Creek was founded during the ‘Gold Rush’ days of the late 1800’s. Scot David Ireland Low discovered a gold bearing reef in the vicinity, and in 1895 the town became one of the stations on the Barberton to Kaapmuiden railway line.

Take an adventurous weekend getaway and explore Louws Creek with some wonderful surrounding gems. The Boondocks Mountain Labyrinth will slow down that fast city pace and let you get back to the simplicity that life offers. Another option is the Stone Garden by artist Nukain Mabuza.

Wherever you decide to settle on, Mpumalanga promises to be what we’ve known it to become - the place of the rising sun!

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