The Matotoland Lake District of Mpumalanga!


There are so many hidden gems in Mpumalanga, and Matotoland Lake District is one of those places. Referred to as the ‘lake district’ due to the 270 lakes in the area, this region is known as a wetland area, fed by multiple rivers. Why not make your next trip to Mpumalanga one to the lakes!


You’ll find the lake district in a grasslands and wetlands area of Mpumalanga. The rivers that originate and contribute to this region's wet reputation include the Vaal, the Usutu, the Komati and the Olifants.


Chrissiesmeer is the town most well associated with the Matotoland Lake District, and is the perfect town to call home for a few nights whilst you explore the lakes and region. Chrissiesmeer is a peaceful small town with friendly locals who will make you feel at home.


Birding in the Lake District

With two large freshwater lakes in the Chrissiesmeer region and over 320 pans, there are hundreds of bird species to enjoy. Of these bird species, 82 are water bird species and at least 100 other bird species to tick off your birding list!


In the area you may be lucky enough to spot the Blue Crane, Crowned Crane and the Wattle Crane. On top of this, if you make your trip in late summer, you’ll be spoiled with thousands of flamingos stopping over in and around the lakes.


There is also a set birding route that consists of 60 kilometers of self-drive, which you can enjoy in your own time. The route will take you around the wetlands, where you can see how many of the bird species you can spot.


Frogs in the Lake District

As you can imagine, in a region like Chrissiesmeer with multiple pans of water and freshwater lakes, there are bound to be frogs! If you’re a frog fanatic, or just interested in what a whole lot of frogs in one space is like - join in the annual Chrissiesmeer Frog Festival, known as Frog Night. You’ll learn a whole lot of information about frogs of all different species. The event takes place every December.


Flowers of the Lake District

There is an abundance of diversity when it comes to the floral variety in Chrissiesmeer. Summer months (November - February) will treat you to a floral wonderland, with fields of flowers all around you. If you love being in nature, viewing beautiful flowers, and learning more about various varieties, be sure to visit the lake district in summer!


If the above is tickling your fancy, and you’re looking for beauty, tranquility and a sense of adventure, take a trip to the lake district in Mpumalanga. There are ample photo opportunities on route, bird life and flowers that will set your heart aflutter. So what are you waiting for - book that trip.

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