Must-see Mpumalanga Destinations Post Lockdown (Pt. 1)


The time for South Africans to venture outside in search of local travel and Mpumalanga adventure will come once again, and when it does the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency will be ready! Welcoming domestic visitors from all four corners of our country to the unending travel delights local to the province, for now, while we remain at home playing our role and participating in our civil duty, we keep the memory of Mpumalanga fresh in your minds as we take you on a virtual tour to some of our most celebrated landmarks throughout the province. 

Easily one of the most moving natural attractions in the country, the Blyde River Canyon is recorded as the 3rd largest “green” canyon in the world. Overwhelmingly beautiful and offering up generous 360-degree views of seemingly unending natural splendour, the canyon is the second largest in Africa, lush with subtropical fauna and flora filling the dramatic cliffs and crags of the canyon with Afromontane forests stretching across an expansive 33 kilometres of exposed slate and quartzite. 

Sightseeing along a journey through time, the enchanting heritage town of Pilgrim’s Rest reminds us of times gone by dating as far back as the early 1800’s when Gold Rush fever was rife. Once populated with a number of prospectors hoping to strike it lucky, while most of the gold mined in the area ended up as just alluvial gold, it is said that the discovery of gold deposits may still be viable in the region as local gold panning welcomes many visitors to try their hand in the original 150 year old panning site. 

Today a living monument and perfectly preserved allowing visitors to relive times past, the Provincial Heritage Site of Pilgrim’s Rest is poised for your return to Mpumalanga, welcoming leisurely exploration, outdoor adventure and the discovery of this magical Mpumalanga mining town. 

A prominent feature forming part of the Highveld Heritage Route, the Giant Mushroom Rock landmarks a number of Ancient South African highlights within the Batwa Valley region of Mpumalanga. Located on a private property in the town of Breyten which can be found at the foot of Klipstapel, or 'rock pile' in English, the area is brimming with San history often overlooked by visitors that may not be aware of the abundant history that encrusts the region.

Leaving behind their timeworn legacy and an inexplicable symbiosis between man and nature, the Giant Mushroom Rock symbolises the earliest beginnings of man dating back through the stone ages waiting to be discovered on your return to the province of Mpumalanga. The town itself, Breyten is also dotted with a number of other places of interest and travel highlights including the only remaining remnants of the once bustling railway stop between Johannesburg and Nelspruit in the early 20th century, it is also known for having one of only three leather tanneries left in South Africa that supplies original sheepskin slippers throughout the country.

Keep a look out for our second instalment as we continue to keep the memory of Mpumalanga fresh in your mind and at the very top of your next travel itinerary. 

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