Let’s go on a Mpumalanga ADVENTURE


The festive season is almost upon us, and it's time (if you haven’t already) to plan that vacation. For some it’s a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of Mpumalanga, whilst for others adventure and thrill-seeking in our sunshine province may be on the cards. Well, we’ve got both! If it’s the latter you’re after - adventure - this blog post is just what you need to start planning a December getaway that will leave your adrenalin heightened and your senses alive. Take a glance at the various destinations within Mpumalanga that offer the wild side in you some adventure travel  - From aerial cable trails, to white river rafting, rock climbing, quad biking and more.

Aerial Cable Trails

Take yourself to greater heights, and view one of the last remaining natural forested valleys, along the Sabie River close to the Kruger National Park. You’ll be gliding down into the valley basin, stopping as you go on various elevated platforms, giving you the opportunity to take-in breathtaking views and wondrous birdlife. Find out more here: http://bit.ly/3TT7XpI.

Roc ‘n Rope Adventures

How about sailing down a rock face while the natural world abounds around you? If it’s this type of thrill seeking adventure you have in mind  - Roc ‘n Rope Adventures, is just the right place to go to. Rock climbing, abseiling, mountaineering and more! Take a guided adventure with this highly qualified team of adventurous souls. Explore caves, mountains, rock formations, grasslands, rivers, fauna and flora and choose to abseil the mighty 70m Elands Falls! View more information here:

Quad Biking Adventures

If heights are not really for you, but adventure is still in your blood, why not take a trip to Mpumalanga and explore the mountains, grasslands, caves and more, on a quad bike? Quad bike adventures are a great way to see the beautiful landscape and get a bit of an adventure  - all at top speed. Whether it’s quad game drives, quad sunset trails, quad 4x4 trails, overnight packages, short rides or sundowners, the various teams offer adventure like no other! View more information on quad biking tours here:

White Water Rafting

Heights not for you? Adventure on a quad bike, not what you’re after? Perhaps it’s H2O that gets your adventurous soul revving? If so, then White Water Rafting in Mpumalanga is just the right adventure for you. Induna Adventures is located on the Sabie River. The Sabie River will not let you down, with massive waterfalls along the way, and rapids that are sure to get the most confident of water babies a little taken aback. Also available are more calmer rafting stretches, comfortable for all ages and family excursions. Read more about it here:

So, take that adventure you’ve been threatening to take this December in the only place that answers all the needs of the adventurous in spirit - Mpumalanga.

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