Dullstroom Delights


Situated in the heart of Mpumalanga, Dullstroom boasts an impressive array of trout fishing farms, the perfect getaway being situated close to Johannesburg and Pretoria.

If you’re searching for the ideal weekend escape from Gauteng, Dullstroom is a mere 3 hours from the hustle and bustle. Offering a quaint street, filled with restaurants, craft shops, a chocolaterie and a whiskey tasting haven, this little gem of a town is waiting for you to come and explore!

Did you know? Dullstroom was founded in 1892, proclaimed by Paul Kruger and referred to as the ‘Place of Eternal Mist’. If you’ve ever been to Dullstroom, you’ll know why this term was coined to describe the town of Dullstroom. Many mornings and evenings a shroud of mist can be seen over the dams in and around the area, and often days can go by, without the misty air disappearing.

Don’t let the thought of misty days get you down! Dullstroom offers beautiful restaurants and pubs, most with roaring fires, ready to be lit and keep you warm and toasty. One of the most renowned pubs can be found on your left hand side as you drive into town - The Duck & Trout. Be sure to stop in the next time you’re in the town - it’s a must visit.

Trout fishing and Dullstroom have become synonymous, and for all the avid fishing lovers - Dullstroom is the place to go. Trout were released in dams around Dullstroom in 1916, and dams were further stocked with trough again in 1927 - since this period, the town of Dullstroom gained a name for itself, attracting keen fisherman from all over the world. When the mist lifts, the sleepy town of Dullstroom comes to life, and the landscape offers the perfect space to sit and picnic, whilst the fisherman in the group get their daily catch!

If you’re an active soul, and looking to gain some sporting adventure on your trip to Dullstroom, there are plenty of hikes available. It’s a wonderful way to explore the town and surroundings, get your daily dose of Vitamin D and get the heartrate lifted. You’ll be treated to rivers and rocky hills with picturesque views to boast to those back home.

There is so much to see and do in Dullstroom, a weekend in this historical town is sure to keep you coming back for more. We’ve put together a short to-do list for your next trip into Dullstroom:

  1. Trout fishing at a local dam.
  2. Visit the Equestrian Centre at Dunkeld Estate.
  3. Take a trip to play golf at Highlands Gate Golf Estate.
  4. Whiskey tasting at Wild About Whiskey.
  5. Dinner at Mrs Simpsons - a classic favourite for all those who are regulars!
  6. Enjoy a spa day at Walkersons Hotel.
  7. Take a stroll from top to bottom of the main street.
  8. Breakfast at Harry’s Pancakes - another crowd favourite!
  9. Enjoy a day out hiking in the beautiful countryside.
  10. Beer tasting at Anvil Ale House and Brewery - another must see whilst you’re in the area.
Whatever your tastes and enjoyment, Dullstroom has what you need, most of all a restful and relaxing time away with family or friends. Ideal to reconnect with those you love, or just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of this sleepy little town, so well-known for its trout fishing fame.

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