Dullstroom – Anything but dull!


Dullstroom has become extremely well known for its fabulous fishing spots, however not many know this gorgeous location is the perfect hiking getaway too. This Tourism Month, we encourage you to explore Dullstroom not only for its famous flyfishing, but for its exciting one-of-a-kind pubs, restaurants, unique shops and stunning landscape, as well as enjoy this iconic small town for its lovely hiking trails.

Commonly referred to as ‘Scotland’s Only Outpost in Africa’, just a short 2 hour’s drive from Gauteng, you’ll find the small town of Dullstroom – a hiker’s paradise because of the cooler climate and clean air. Summer is quickly approaching, so why not head out to Dullstroom to enjoy a gentle or more challenging hike while taking in the most breath-taking scenery.


Here are some of our favourite Dullstroom highlights for you to enjoy:



    The Ama Poot Poot Hiking Trail starts on a farm - Uitvlugt Ponds Game Farm - just outside of Dullstroom, this is the perfect spot for fans of both hiking and flyfishing! Uitvlugt Ponds Game Farm is extremely charming with its pubs, restaurants with great food, comfortable guest houses to rest your head and great opportunities for trout fishing. This farm has two circular hiking trails, one of them being the Reedbuck 13km trail and another Trout trail of 6km, when combined, these two trails make up a perfect weekend of hiking, fishing, fun and adventure! Get ready to be in between mountains with lovely views, ravines, cross rivers and mountain streams as you wander past lots of game to a 10m high waterfall, rock pools, interesting rock formations and trout dams. You can however choose to do the routes individually (don’t worry, we won’t judge you!)

    Should you take the two-day route (moderate fitness level), accommodation options available for both evenings in the Groot Poot Camp, a big, well maintained farm house with space for 24 hikers in their 2 open plan bed rooms (12 beds each), as well as a lounge with a cosy fire-place for cool Dullstroom evenings.



    This is a longer 3 – 5 day hike which is for more advanced hikers and unfortunately not suitable for children, as it has hikes of between 2.5 and 9.5 km per day. It includes many adventurous activities, crossing a variety of landscapes and swing bridges and climbing rope ladders. Get ready to see Gorgeous views across the escarpment while relaxing at this establishment that includes accommodation at the overnight hiker’s huts.



    These hiking trails are situated 45 minutes from Dullstroom in Machadodorp, with a choice of either the Lynx Loop or the Bosboekroete trail.

    The Bosboekroete is an easy 4km hike that has well marked paths which are flanked by multiple identified tree species, perfect for an educational nature getaway for the whole family. You can expect to do some criss-crossing over bridges, rivers and streams, as well as swimming and picnicking in the Bald Ibis Gorge! This trail leads back to the Wathaba Rainbow Falls and rock pool.

    The Lynx Loop leads through a nature conservation that is also well marked, this trail is 10kms long and is for more moderate hikers. This trail also consists of over 100 marked tree species, passes five stunning and refreshing waterfalls and some beautifully clear rock pools for a quick, refreshing swim. You will be expected to walk up steps, cross bridges and rope ladders along the way.


Visit Dullstroom this Tourism Month and enjoy exploring this uniquely stunning town with its many scenic gems and incredible hiking trails!

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