Clamber, Climb and Crawl through the Sudwala Caves


Are you looking for adventure and history combined? Then look no further than exploring a set of caves in the heart of Mpumalanga. The Sudwala Caves are renowned as the discovery site of some of the first pieces of evidence of human habitation in the world. These caves have seen the surfacing of many artefacts and historic relics, which tell the story of how mankind came to be.

Dating back 240 million years, when the world had only one continent, called Gondwanaland, the Sudwala caves were formed due to acidic groundwater seeping through the cracks of bedrock.

The caves were initially used as a shelter by prehistoric man, which is evidenced by the finding of various prehistoric tools and utensils within the caves. It’s also been said that the Sudwala Caves were the hiding place for the Kruger Millions including bullion and state treasure of gold sovereigns that unaccountably vanished in 1900.

Today, you can visit the caves and see giant stalactites (forming from the roof of the cave), stalagmites (forming from the ground of the cave) and flowstones (sheet like formations) that reflect an incredible tale told throughout their lifetime, putting into perspective their incredible journey of being.

You’ll be astounded to know that only a small percentage of the expansive caves are accessible to man - the caves themselves cover around 30km in total!

The Sudwala Caves are protected and preserved as a natural wonder in the province of Mpumalanga, for both their cultural heritage and prehistoric history.

As a visitor you can take part in one of two cave tours.

  1. The hour long venture into the heart of the caves, 600 metres within the cave system, and about 150m under the surface of the ground. You’ll learn from your knowledgeable tour guide the history of the caves and discover various geographic features which are beautifully lit for maximum enjoyment.
  2. If you’re the more adventurous type, take on the 4 hour Crystal Tour! This tour will take you 200 metres into the depth of the Sudwala Caves, and right into a crystal chamber encrusted by stunning aragonite crystals. Expect to wade through water, clamber through rocky passageways and crawl through small openings.

Your next great adventure awaits you at the Sudwala Caves!

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