Celebrating Hospitality Youth Training Graduates


In combining mutually beneficial initiatives aimed at growing the local tourism sector and the economy while also addressing the country’s concerning unemployment rates, by leveraging off Mpumalanga’s promising tourism sector skills development programmes such as the Hospitality Youth Training Programme create multiple sector opportunities where once there were only a few.

Hosted during a recent graduation ceremony, a number of Mpumalanga Hospitality Youth Training Programme (HYTP) learners have been celebrated for successfully completing their 12-month Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Training learnership.

Facilitated at various hospitality establishments throughout the Mpumalanga Province, the Hospitality Youth Training Programme (HYTP) learnership together with other skills development training programmes produce world class qualifications and employable skills that equip youth with improved probability of finding employment. Forming part of the broader objectives of the National Tourism Sector Strategy to address skills shortages in the sector by capacitating unemployed youth and graduates, these training programmes continue to prove successful in releasing qualified and proficient young graduates into the South African workforce.

Covering a broad range of subject matter, the Hospitality Youth Training Programme (HYTP) opens up various career opportunities within the local tourism sector including careers in catering services, hotel and accommodation management, restaurateur and other food services, general tourism and guide services, adventure and leisure facilities, local cultural and heritage tours and a number of other travel and tourism business opportunities.

Having completed their yearlong hospitality learnership, 289 South African Youths enter the economy skilled in various disciplines that speak to the South African travel and tourism sector as well as an NQF Level 3 CATHSSETA accredited National Certificate in Fast Food Services.

While concerns about the current unemployment rate remain top of mind, especially for young graduates struggling to find placements or support to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities after completing their studies, the tourism value chain has the potential to help curb unemployment by offering employment opportunities for competent graduates. The multiplier effect of investing in recently graduated learners will yield positive results in both the local tourism sector, as well as the economy at large.

Arming South African youth with skills, qualifications and a competitive edge, the Deputy Minster Mr. Amos Mahlalela has also called upon the South African travel and tourism sector to invest in qualified and proficient graduates eager to learn, grow and progress.

Having taken a stance to strengthen skills development and empowerment initiatives that capacitate the country’s youth, preparing them to join South Africa’s workforce, Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr. Amos Mahlalela has challenged the tourism sector to double government’s initiatives with the aims of curbing youth unemployment.

With the National Development Plan (NDP) target for job creation set at 11 million jobs by 2030, Deputy Minister Mahlalela has encouraged all businesses that operate within the South African travel and tourism value chain to contribute to the country attaining this goal by employing skilled youth, and by continuing to offer on the job experience for those who have undergone similar skills development programmes.

The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency wishes all of the Hospitality Youth Training Programme graduates every success for a bright and promising future, putting their newly acquired skills to task, growing the local Mpumalanga tourism industry while simultaneously generating their own long term, personal prosperity.

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