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Enjoy the spectacular scenery and the rush of rapids. White Water River rafting takes place on the lower-Sabie River. We use 2 man inflatable “croc rafts”.

Life Jackets and helmets and all other safety equipment are provided. A picnic meal on the banks of the river can be arranged on request (Min 10 people).

Group sizes vary up to 40 people; larger groups can be accommodated by arrangement. Children are welcome depending on the water level. The Sabie River is one of the cleanest river systems in the country.

The Sabie River has a diverse fish population and offers prolific bird life. Grab the opportunity to get close to the many bird species that inhabit the riverine area.

The Sabie River provides 20 rapids (grade 2–3) with areas of scenic vegetation and outstanding wildlife viewing.

This 8 km route is yielding to the novice, yet accommodating to the thrill seeker within all of us. Swimming, bum sliding and wave surfing with a boogie board at “Lions rock”.

Duration: Half Day – 2.5 hours, cold beverages and snacks included.

Full Day – 4 hours, picnic lunch along the scenic riverbanks.


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