The Top Ten Things to see or do along the Cultural Heartlands Route


Here are our top ten things you simply must experience in the Cultural Heartlands:

#1) The Ndebele are one of the most recognisable tribes in Africa. Their beautiful beadwork and painted homes are a joy to behold and are the quintessential signature of the Cultural Heartlands. You can spend a morning being transformed into a Ndebele and learning about all the traditions behind the clothing at the Little Elephant Craft Market. You will see beautiful Ndebele art created before your eyes which will make the perfect souvenir to remind you of your stay.

#2) Take to the heights and do the 50m abseil at Buffalo Gorge. The initial lean over the edge of the cliff takes nerves of steel, but once you have caught your breath, you can enjoy some of the most impressive views of this magnificent part of Mpumalanga.


#3) The Ghost Tour uncovers some of Middelburg’s most fascinating stories and colourful characters. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it is a great excuse to look around some of the town’s old houses and iconic buildings. You might even make some friends along the way – maybe not all of the humankind!

#4) Our top ten list wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Mpumalanga’s biggest mall, the Highveld Mall and the Ridge Entertainment Centre. You will experience entertainment and brands like nowhere else in Mpumalanga that will keep the whole family amused.

Photo: Tim Thumb

#5) Go hiking at De Voetpadkloof, the region’s premier hiking destination, with their range of hiking trails catering for every fitness level and age. Think beautiful lookouts combined with natural features to create enchanting trails where there is always something new coming into view. A nature lover’s dream come true!


#6) The Historical Tour showcases Middelburg’s rich and varied history. This town is rich in Anglo-Boer War history. There is the house that Louis Trichardt signed the peace treaty with the British at, forts, armouries and monuments to the concentration camps. There is also World War history, religious history, folk song history and a lot of cultural history in this small, yet fascinating town.

#7) Loskop Dam offers the perfect mix of recreation and conservation. Book a sunset cruise on the dam for a tailor-made experience that showcases the region. The dam dwarfs the mountains and provides some of the most impressive sunsets in the Lowveld.

#8) The Mhuzi Township Adventure will show you a different side to the Cultural Heartlands. Enjoy the shebeens, consult the sangomas and enjoy heartfelt moments with the disabled school children who are being given a chance to succeed.

#9) Enjoy a night in award-winning accommodation at Yalla Yalla. Yalla Yalla is a boutique hotel with a difference, offering the kind of service you seldom get outside of a capital city. You can sleep in a different country every night and service excellence comes as standard.

#10) Have some family fun at Pienaardam, where you will see white lions, camels and Highveld antelope species. The beautiful setting paired with a range of activities guaranteed will keep the little ones entertained. Whether it is pony rides, paddle boats, game drives or go-karts, Pienaardam is a place adults can relax while the children go wild.

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