New tourism concept, Triland, launched


2011-10-03) The new tourism concept called Triland, which involves Swaziland, Mozambique and Mpumalanga Province in South Africa was launched in Maputo, Mozambique last Friday.

The launch, which was held at the Polana Hotel, was attended by tourism ministers from the three countries, that is, Macford Sibandze, Fernando Sumbana Jr and Norman Mokoena.

The Triland concept is about creating synergy between the three countries where tourism is concerned.

It is aimed at making visitors enjoy tourism experiences unique to each of the three countries in one route over a period of 24 hours or more.

Swaziland, for instance, is renowned for its culture and festivities, Mozambique is known for its beaches and vibrant nightlife, and Mpumalanga for its wildlife in Kruger National Park and also the breathtaking natural landscape.

The proximity of these countries to one another was seen as something that would make it possible for tourists to have a wholesome experience in a short space of time.

They can travel on their own or use tour operators to follow a set route that involves the three countries.

Speaking at the launch, José Augusto Tomo Psico, Chairperson for Mozambique’s Tourism Department, said the three countries had a strong relationship that dated back before colonialism.

"Back then, there were no boundaries and everyone moved within the region freely. We were like brothers and sisters. This is what we want to bring back through this new concept. It will also create job opportunities," said the chairman.

Pedro Veloso, Brand Manager for Triland, termed the target audience for the concept as the ‘Happy Few’.

These include couples married or unmarried but have no children.

These enjoy double income and have more money to spend. Others who are targeted are single people looking for adventure, young active seniors and regional travellers.

"The vision for Triland is to position the southern region as unique and differentiated on the world tourism stage. It is a destination that is meant to create a platform for socio-economic growth. Regarding the mission, the three areas will contribute to development of the region with their own capabilities and uniqueness. It’s all about three experiences in one destination," said Veloso.

The Triland image meant to be conveyed is one that has attributes such as vibrancy, magical, inexhaustible, genuine, and life changing.

Asked how the success of concept would be measured, he said the length of time and the frequency in which visitors used it will be the determinant.

Meanwhile, Sibandze from Swaziland, in his address likened the launch to the birth of a baby that needed everyone’s support to grow.

He said it was history in the making and would go a long way in fighting poverty through the creation of employment opportunities.

The minister, who was clad in Swazi traditional regalia and barefooted, summed up Triland as BBC.

This means Bush Mpumalanga, Beach Mozambique and Culture Swaziland.

Mokoena from Mpumalanga, said the Triland brand was an indication that the three countries’ economies were bound together and therefore it was important to work towards the common goal of social and economic growth.

"Tourism is one of Africa’s under invested assets. We need to advance it against poverty and joblessness. We need to be proud of our unique attributes and invest in them," he said.

Mokoena also called for urgent address of harassment suffered by tourists in the region just because they drive a car with foreign registration, speak a different language or have a different skin colour.

Sumbana Jr from Mozambique said he was optimistic that Triland would be attractive globally.

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