New Mpumalanga BEE safari and tourism company


McFarlane & Thulare Tourism Services have launched their new BEE-compliant ground handler and safari operator, coupled with 30 years of inbound tourism experience. Godfrey Thulare and John (Shoes) Matebula, who both have extensive safari and industry knowledge, are the other partners in this long overdue development.

Garth McFarlane, who has been in the industry for over 30 years, says: 'We are very excited and reaction has been absolutely phenomenal. Our inbound industry chooses their preferred ground handler to look after their clients but it must never be forgotten that the onus still lies on the shoulders of that company’s front man, the guide. I trained and registered some of the first black guides in SA back in the 80s and have luckily always understood this'. This understanding has largely led to the success of the McFarlane name over the years.

Apart from ground handling, itinerary assistance and safari operating, McFarlane & Thulare Tourism Services is consulting for the Department of Education, NGOs and other provincial bodies on inbound tourism education.

Says McFarlane: 'We have already launched our packaged ‘Fun, Friendly and Affordable SA’ series, and have introduced some great innovations in our ground handling. At the end of the day and as I get older, I realise that I have a whole lot to give back to this industry and this is a wonderful opportunity, whilst pertinently still staying very involved in operations, in order to ensure that we remain that vital ‘one jump ahead’ for our industry clients and guests.'

McFarlane’s operation, Wild Dogs Safari Logistics, has been incorporated into the new company. McFarlane & Thulare Tourism Services operates throughout Mpumalanga, Limpopo and into Mozambique.

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