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Middelburg is a large farming and industrial town but it has so much more to offer than that. You may even be pleasantly surprised after exploring Middelburg in the Cultural Heartlands.

Middelburg has a rich cultural heritage, with many Ndebele attractions. It also has a fascinating Anglo-Boer War and World War history, evidence of which is found all over town; and if history is not your thing, there are wildlife adventures, action adventures, ghostly adventures and shopping adventures to suit every taste! 


A large part of Middelburg’s success comes down to the community that really believes in their town. The town won Kwela Town of the Year in 2015 and also receives massive support from the community policing forum, who are always on hand to help and who have helped to reduce crime in this area. Historical tours have also been developed to promote the town and inspire a sense of pride in Middelburg’s children, who do the route on an annual basis.

The town’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry is another big driver, promoting business and tourism in the town. They play a significant role in promoting Middelburg through measures like moving the iconic train to its present prime location to developing tourist attractions like the ghost tour.

Their aim is to develop a prosperous community through tourism and the business/economic sectors. Middelburg is described as an “undiscovered, hidden gem, in the Mpumalanga Tourism suite”. The Chamber’s dream is to transform Middelburg into a well-know tourist attraction that draws Gauteng residents wishing to escape the rat race. The immediate goal is to make Middelburg an attractive day trip alternative to Hartbeespoort Dam. It is just an hour away from Johannesburg and Pretoria and the gateway to Mpumalanga is perfectly placed to achieve that goal.


Here are our top four things you simply have to do while visiting Middelburg:

A boat cruise on Loskop Dam: This is one of Mpumalanga’s hidden gems. Loskop Dam is a fabulous attraction for pleasure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts. Half the dam is open to fishermen and boaters while the remaining portion is dedicated solely to conservation. The Forever Resorts Boat Cruise will show you the sheer magnitude of the dam and you might even see some of the wild animals that call this area home. The enchanting sunsets on the dam will make for a fairytale ending to a wonderful afternoon excursion.

Middelburg Historical Tour: If you would like to learn more about the Anglo-Boer War, you need to know the important role Middelburg played in it, with great historical buildings like the building Louis Trichardt signed the peace treaty in and the English fort, but there is a lot more than just Anglo-Boer history in this town. It is also where the famous folk song Sarie Marias was penned and is home to the founder of the first Nandos! There is also a significant Jewish history in the town.


Animal encounter at Ubetyan: Home to all kinds of rescued animals from the striped hyena to white lions, it is a great place to see our wildlife in need of a second chance up close. Combined with a fantastic swimming pool, waterslide, restaurant, game drive opportunities and hikes, make it a lovely day out for the whole family to enjoy!

A Spooky Ghost Tour: Hosted once a month, usually on a full moon, the ghost tour takes you around Middelburg’s haunted sites. From the haunted organ in the White Church to the infamous cemetery and Dora’s tree, each story is more captivating than the last. The only question you’ll need to ask yourself is, do you really not believe in ghosts?


To find out more about what’s on offer contact Middelburg Tourism Information Office: 

+27 (0)13 243 1923

or contact Corine de Jonge directly on:

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