Hunting and Development

The Hunting and Development unit is responsible for monitoring and regulating of the hunting industry, the issuing of hunting permits for Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) – 240 000ha protected areas. (Sabie Sand, Klaserie, Timbavati and Umbabat), conducting of inspection of hunting facilities, evaluation and moderating of Professional Hunting schools according to Provincial and International standards, hunting related policy development and PDI development, (training of PDI’s, transformation of the hunting industry and potentially development of a Hunting Outfit in the MTPA).

Provincial and National, big game control, according to Provincial and National standards and DCA related policy development - Firearm control, (in compliance with National Firearms act, training and licensing), Regulate professional hunting on MTPA reserves.


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Louw Steyn

083 579 2459

Nelspruit HO


Riaan de Lange

083 579 2461

Nelspruit HO

Head: Professional Hunting

Elias Maluka

083 264 5500


Nelspruit HO

DCA Control Officer

David Madolo

013 759 5330

Nelspruit HO

PNC: Hunting Admin

Paul Botha

083 264 5500


Nelspruit HO

LNCO DCA Control Officer

Marius Gie

013 759 5300

Nelspruit HO

Head: Fire Arm Comtrol

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