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Cradle of Life

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Cradle of Life R38, Badplass rd

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27 (0)82 345 1924 or 27 (0) 82 452 3444

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info@cradleoflife.co.za or gm@cradleoflife.co.za

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Just outside Badplaas on the R38 the 19,000 hectare Cradle of Life Biopark is home to predators from around the globe. Mountain Lions, Jaguars, White Lions, Cheetahs, Tigers and even Siberian Wolves have all been given a second chance by the Centre. Some were rescued from the pet trade, others from Zoo’s that no longer had the space to keep them and some the victims of traps or canned hunting operations. For the animals the Cradle of Life provides a second chance, for visitors it provides the opportunity to come face-to-face with some of the planet’s most spectacular predators. Join an informed guide on the educational 2pm feeding drive and enjoy the spectacle as some of the world’s most ferocious carnivores are fed. It also is a wonderful spot to spend the night, with beautiful luxury Rondavaals, a great restaurant and wonderful views of the grasslands surrounding Badplaas.