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Sudwala Caves

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History In the early 19th century the death of the Swazi King Sobhuza I set in motion a series of events that would lead to continuous conflict between his two sons Mswati II (the heir) and Somquba and their respective followers. After an attempt by Somquba to take the throne, a skirmish broke out and Somquba fled to the area between Elandshoek and Schagen, about 10km from Sudwala. Somquba came to know of the Caves and used them as place of refuge while fleeing from his brother and his followers. Somquba's principal guardian of the Cave's entrance and his main Captain (chief inDuna) was named Sudwala. In the 1960's the caves were acquired by Mr PR Owen and in 1965 he opened the Sudwala Caves to the public. For an alternative route to Nelspruit from Sudwala Caves: Take the R539 until it connects with the R37. Turn right and follow the Brondal Valley towards Nelspruit/Mbombela with views of Macadamia Trees, Sugarcane and Litchi orchards.


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