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Witbank Skydiving Club, situated in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, has been in continuous existence since 1980. We are a non-profit skydiving club where the emphasis is on fun skydives and a great social scene. We offer static line first jump courses every Saturday and can accommodate people wanting to do AFF and tandem skydives as well. Whatever your skydiving need, you will find satisfaction at WSC. We operate on weekends and public holidays - weather permitting. The club owns it's own student equipment and buildings and it's own C206T Cessna aircraft. In addition it also operates a C205 Cessna. WHY JUMP? What is it that makes these people want to jump out of perfectly good airplanes? There are many reasons why you would want to take the initial plunge (pardon the pun). Maybe you have already tried every other extreme sport out there and skydiving is just another in your list of things to try. Maybe you have a friend who swears it's better than sex and you'd like to give it a whirl to find out if your friend is doing something wrong in the sack. Or maybe, like me, you always wanted to fly and you think this might be a good way to experience unhindered, unassisted free flight. These are all good reasons to go make your first skydive. DIFFERENT DISCIPLINES There are three ways for you to have your first skydive. 1. Static Line - The longest established, and most popular at Witbank (also the cheapest, for those wanting to know), option for a first skydive is the Static Line Course. Students who choose this option will need to complete ground-school training, which is basically about 6-7 hours long, and consists of a classroom session followed by the practical evaluation. 2. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) - The program is designed with the serious skydiving student in mind. It costs a bit more than the static line option, but is well worth it if you know that skydiving is the sport for you. Students who choose to go the AFF route will also need to complete ground-school training. The student can either attend the static-line ground-school and do one static-line jump and then do a short conversion course to switch to AFF, or they will need to complete full ground-school training with an AFF instructor. 3. Tandem - The Tandem skydive is the easiest and fastest way to experience the thrill of skydiving. In a tandem jump you are attached to a tandem instructor via a special two person (tandem) harness. The tandem harness has an extra large parachute designed to carry the weight of two people. Tandem jumps require only a short (30 minute) instruction course before you board the plane and head up to make your skydive. As an optional (and highly recommended) extra you can have a qualified camera person accompany you on your skydive to film the entire event. THE CLUB Club members are involved in most skydiving disciplines, including Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events (Freefly, Freestyle, etc.), Wing Suiting, Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing and Aerial Photography (Video Camera). We have tried to provide for all the needs you may have while at WSC. Because of the distance from Johannesburg and Pretoria most people like to make a weekend out of their trip to Witbank and spend the Saturday night at the club (the real hard core arrive on Friday afternoon so they can get in two nights of partying and lots of skydives). The club has a pile of matresses, which anyone can use for sleeping in the clubhouse overnight, these are available on a strictly first come, first served basis. Alternatively you may bring your tent and pitch it on the drop zone. Hot showers and toilet facilities are available in the main clubhouse. We have a large braai area which gets used every weekend. The canteen also supplies great breakfasts and lunches, cooldrinks and chocolates during the day.