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Mac Mac Eco Adventures & Getaways have a sole concession from York Timbers that allows us eco friendly exploration of one of the rich historical and most beautiful areas of South Africa. We have a sole concession of 18 000ha of pristine wilderness for you to enjoy. QUAD BIKES The quad trails include spectacular mountain trails, stunning views, compellingly beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, hidden valleys and pristine forests. We cater for a variety of needs. We do slow scenic rides, family rides and the much faster rides as well. The guides ride Suzuki LTZ 400's and enjoy all types of riding. We take a minimum of 2 riders, with no maximum. We have marked a permanent 120km route. You then follow the signs and ride on your own speed, stopping as often as you prefer. We also have regular 160km forest rides. As with all bigger events, we have paramedics and backup vehicles on standby. We have had more than 200 quads on a few occasions, and are thus experienced in organizing any type of event. You just contact us, tell us how many people you are, what type of riding you prefer, and what you have in mind. We then put the event together. We can organize from 1 hour events up to 3-day events, including accommodation and catering. Besides catering for people with their own quads, we also have rentals available. We do have rentals available. 4X4 The Mac Mac Summit Route is an ideal introduction to one of South Africa's most scenic and historic regions, and includes some compellingly beautiful waterfalls. The route is definitely people and vehicle friendly. All too many 4x4 trails are either potentially damaging to lifestyle 4x4s, or daunting to newcomers to the 4x4 scene. But Mac Mac rates as one of the easiest around. Rated first out of the Top 10 4x4 Trails in South Africa by Geoff Dalglish, Editor - Drive-Out magazine, the grade 1 – 2 trails are not about obstacles, but rather on scenery and family outings. Easy driving along well-maintained tracks and some tar link roads. GOLD PANNING The South African Gold panning Association was established in 1997 and became the 20th member of the World Gold panning Association. The Mac Mac digger’s camp later became a forestry station called the Mac Mac Forestry Station. Eventually the forestry station was converted to a resort called Mac Mac Forest Retreat. During August 2006 the Mac Mac Gold panning Club was established at Mac Mac Forest Retreat. The Club is affiliated to the South African Gold panning Association. A few times a year Mac Mac Forest Retreat hosts the Mac Mac Gold panning Club competitions. During these competitions the Club attract 30 to 60 enthusiastic competitors. During these competitions, competitors get a 20kg bucket of sand, with gold nuggets in. These nuggets needs to be panned out in the quickest possible time.