Forests at Sabie



The little town of Sabie is situated on the banks of the Sabie River and is surrounded by forests. Enjoy the following:

4x4 Trips

Take a once in a lifetime chance to go on a 4x4 trip, through thousands of plantation roads. These roads are normally closed off to the public but 4x4 Adventures gives you an unforgettable chance to drive yourself through the man made forests and experience the quiet beauty of these plantations.

Sabie Valley Coffee

Enjoy the real rich taste of Arabica coffee. The Sabie Valley Coffee has coffee that will fulfil your every need. You can enjoy a Coffee Tour and have the chance to buy coffee to drink at home from the Sabie Valley Coffee gift shop.

Bird Watching

Go see the birds in Sabie. You will be able to see the world’s fastest bird the peregrine Falcon, which can reach speed of 300km per hour the endangered Blue Swallow, the Buffstreaked chat and the Secretary bird.

African Arts and Crafts

Visit local shops for fine collection of African Arts and Crafts from local artists, everything from pots and paintings to a soap stone sculpture.

The Natural Bridge

Visit the Park at the curio stalls and follow the short footpath into small gorge, where the Mac Mac River carved a path under the rocks which forms and natural bridge. This bridge use to be used by the Voortrekkers and was later used by transport riders to cross the Mac Mac River.