Blyde River Canyon


Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon is the site of Natural Phenomena. It is the largest Green Canyon in the world and stretches over 26 Kilometres and is over 800 meters deep. You can do the following activies:

Mircolight Flights
This is a one hour flight over the Blyde River Dam and over the Canyon returning towards Hoedspruit, where game can be viewed from the air.

Boat Trips
A guided boat trip to the rare Kadishi Tufa Waterfall and the Three Rondavels, you will see wildlife and learn about the natural history of Blyde River Cannon.

Lower Blyde River Tubing
This is an hour-long adrenaline rush with wild rapids in places where the water level is high.

Abseil down a cliff next to the Blyde Dam Wall and enjoy the scenery around you. This isn’t for the faint.

Panorama Route:

The Pinnacle a freestanding quartzite buttress which stands 30m above the indigenous forest below.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes
Go see the magnificent rock features called “Bourke’s Luck Potholes”. These enormous potholes have been carved by pebbles swirling around in the pools where the Blyde and Treur River meet and become one.

Three Rondavels
Go see the formally known “Three Sisters”, which when being described look like “three rondavels” due to the rocky outcrops, whose points look like rondavels

God’s Window
The Zenith of the Panorama Route, God’s Window is such a picturesque view point that it has been called “God’s Window”, due to the sheer natural beauty contained in one view.

Lisbon Falls
The Lisbon Falls are the Highest waterfalls in Mpumalanga and it is named after the capital city of Portugal, which is Lisbon.

Berlin Falls
The Berlin Falls are shaped in what looks like a “white candle” and the water falls into a green pool, it is a must see.

The Natural Bridge
Visit the Park at the curio stalls and follow the short footpath into small gorge, where the Mac Mac River carved a path under the rocks which forms and natural bridge. This bridge use to be used by the Voortrekkers and was later used by transport riders to cross the Mac Mac River.