Birding at Chrissiesmeer



Chrissiesmeer is known as the Lake District of South Africa. Yearly Lake Chrissie is painted pink by the visiting flamingos. Things you can do:

Go fishing for Bass and Carp in the local pans and lakes. The best spot to go fishing is at the Eiland Meer, because the other fishing spots require a permit to fish.

Wild Flowers
See the wonderful Wild Flowers in Chrissiesmeer. The best time to see the 12 local Wild Orchids is during February and August.

Big Foot
Go see the Big Foot that has been imprinted into the rocks and decide whether or not giants roamed the earth.

JCB leather
Visit the local leather shop and find many products to choose from like: Medical Sheepskins and various styles of slippers made out of sheepskin and wool.

McCloud’s Wool Products
Visit McCloud’s Wool Products, which is the local wool shop and see how the locals make wool filled duvets. These duvets will surely keep you warm during the cold winter nights.