Big Five of the Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in Africa. The park stretches for 352 kilometres from the North to the South along the South African and Mozambique Border. Things that you can do in the Kruger National Park:

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Seeing the picturesque landscapes, forests and hills as the famous South African sun rises. You will be able to see wildlife and beautiful plant life.

Visiting the Cultural Village

Visit the cultural village in the Kruger National Park and see the traditional life style of the: Ndebele tribe, Pedi tribe, San tribe, Shangaan tribe, Tsoga tribe and Venda tribe. You will have the opportunity to eat with them, dance with them and experience their ever day life.

Elephant Back Safari

See the Kruger National Park on one of the Big Five, not only are they the biggest land animals but the are also one of the cleverest and they will remember you long after you have left.

Stay in a luxury lodge or camp:

Experience the African bush lifestyle with birds twittering away and lions occasionally roaring, what could be better than this?