Blyde River Canyon

Evidence of Ancient Civilisations

Ndebele art at Botshabelo

The iconic Bourke's Luck Potholes

Whilst visitors flock to Mpumalanga to experience the increasingly globally elusive bush and wildlife exoperience in our pristine reserves and natural environment, there is far more to be experienced if you just scratch beneath the surface. Mpumalanga's melting pot of history, culture and terrain has created a treasure trove of attractions that are arguably amongst the richest in the world.




The forces of nature that, over 4 billion years, have shaped this beautiful region, have also taken a bit of time to create some breathtaking attractions that attract visitors from all over the world. Mpumalanga contains many clues to the origins of the earth, as well as humankind, boating the oldest rock formations known to man. And the powerful separation of Antarctica and Madagascar from what is now the Blyde River Canyon has left by-products of scenic and dramatic wonder.




History has played a defining role in shaping the destiny of this beautiful region. From the early beginnings, through the magical legends of King Solomon and Queen Sheba, the ancient communities that lived on floating villages in what is today known as Chrissiesmeer, the heady goldrush and the wagon trains forging their way to then-Maputaland, the iconic Jock of the Bushveld, the Boer War leaving battlefields dotting the landscape, the the turbulent clashes of culture and ideology, right through to the eradication of apartheid. They may have been in the past, but they have left behind commemoratives to their passing - either to educate us, or to ensure that we never forget the lessons of the past.




Mpumalanga is a melting pot of cultures - a direct consequence of her turbulent past. Beginning with the sea-faring Hindu culture 40,000 years ago, supported by temples and astronomical observatories on mountain tops, the influence of the San and Koisan evident in the rock art still found to this day, cultural villages, and colourful Ndebele arts that serve as living monuments to the tribes and cultures that shape this region. There are artists routes, township tours, labyrinths and - more contemporarily, the beautiful Mbombela stadium, shopping centres and casinos that deserve a visit.