Why Mpumalanga?


With so many options of adventure, heritage, culture, history, entertainment and relaxation in #Mpumalanga, why look any further?? Here is a quick recap of  the breathtaking Mpumalanga province in South Africa. The name ‘Mpumalanga’ translates to "East", or literally "the place where the sun rises" in the Swati, Xhosa, Ndebele and Zulu languages. Mpumalanga is situated in Eastern South Africa, bordering Eswatini and Mozambique. It constitutes 6.5% of South Africa's land area and shares borders with the South African provinces of Limpopo to the north, Gauteng to the West, the Free State to the Southwest, and KwaZulu-Natal to the South. It is a province that is loved, admired and enjoyed by many tourists all year round, and if you haven’t visited yet, boy are you missing out! For more than four billion years the forces of nature have moulded this region and created some of the most astonishing attractions in Africa.

Here is a mixture of our top 15 heritage sites, cultural visits, historic attractions, as well as entertainment and adventure spots you should be sure to visit on your next getaway:

1) Waterfalls

In Mpumalanga, there are tons of majestic waterfalls which are worth visiting like the Horseshoe Falls, the Lone Creek Falls, the Mac-Mac Falls, the Lisbon Falls and the Berlin Falls. Be sure to pass by one of these stunning crashing falls!

2) The Genesis Route

The Genesis of Life is located on the Makhonjwa Mountains, South of Barberton. The area has some of the oldest and extremely fascinating volcanic pieces on the earth with evidence such as Bacteria Microfossils and fossils of the first oxygen producing plant called the Collenia.

3) Boat Trips
Hop on a boat and enjoy a guided boat trip to the rare Kadishi Tufa Waterfall and the Three Rondavels, you will see stunning wildlife and learn all about the natural history of the Blyde River Cannon.

4) Makonjwa Mountains

The Makhonjwa Mountains, which are over 3.5 billion years old (YES 3.5 BILLION!)  have an extremely unique scientific record of pre-historic earth. The Mountains are referred to as the “Genesis of Life”.

“The rocks of the Barberton Region represent the best-preserved example of the earth’s ancient oceanic and continental crust" - Professors Terence and Bruce Rubidge of the University of Witwatersrand.

5) Pilgrims Rest

Pilgrims Rest is a little historic town that is lost in the 1800’s. The town is small, and easy to explore on foot. Stroll from shop to shop, from restaurant to pub and experience the lifestyle and architecture of South Africa in the 1800’s. For further insight into South Africa’s Gold Rush, visit the imaginative Alangade House Period Museum.

6) Shangaan Village

Visit the welcoming Xintu Village and learn about Shangaan culture, food and way of life. The centre of the village is a market at which you can buy unique hand-made arts and crafts and sample traditional meals. The village’s most popular event is known as the Evening Festival in the Chief’s Kraal.

7) Abseiling
Those who are keen for an adrenaline rush and a thrill can abseil down a cliff next to the Blyde Dam Wall and enjoy the scenery around you, fair warning though, this isn’t for the faint-hearted!

8) The Lake District

The Lake District in South Africa, near Chrissiesmeer, is a group of tranquil lakes that are home to 20 000 flamingos and were inhabited by the Tlou-tle people who lived on the larger lakes in ancient times.

9) The Kruger National Park

The famous Kruger National Park, which is one of the largest national parks in Africa is home to the Big Five animals and the Big Six Birds. The Park is a MUST VISIT attraction in South Africa and is loved far and wide, this National park even has it’s very own TV show on Discovery Channel!

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