Visit the Heart of the Berlin Forest


Situated at the top of the Drakensburg Escarpment at 1712 metres above sea level, away from the busy city and surrounded by the Berlin Forest you’ll find the beautiful quaint town of Kaapsehoop - the ideal summer getaway location to escape the blazing heat of the Lowveld.


Kaapsehoop, originally spelled Kaapsche Hoop, received its name from the Dutch as they gave the town its name because of all the gold that was discovered within its boundaries due to the town being located very high above the De Kaap Valley (The Cape Valley). The town is set between vast natural clearings, which lie among large rock fields near the top of the surrounding escarpment overlooking the De Kaap Valley, creating the ultimate picturesque setting to take in the spectacular views for kilometres, provided there is no mist in your way.


Visitors of Kaapsehoop are encouraged to take a walk down to the stunning Lone Creek Falls, a waterfall that plummets 70 metres down into a creek. Take a swim in the crisp water and stand under the crashing waterfall or set up a picnic basket with a blanket and enjoy the afternoon surrounded by nothing but absolute tranquillity, the smell of fresh air and the beauty of nature.


The majestic natural beauty of this small town gives one the option of taking a walk through the captivating Berlin Forest while spotting wild horses or to quietly sit and enjoy some never before experienced star gazing under the striking night sky with unobstructed views that are worth writing home about, and while it is also highly recommended that visitors make a turn at the local pubs, restaurants and small shops for a taste of this unique little town there is nothing quite like a stay at one of their inviting local accommodation venues – Kaapsehoop Adventures.



Located at the top of an enchanting mountain in Coetzeestroom which passes through the Berlin Forest, vacation seekers will find Kaapsehoop Adventures, an accommodation venue that offers you a complete breakaway from technology as there is limited solar lighting and no electricity, guests are given candles as a source of light and don’t have to worry about not having hot water as donkey boilers are available on the property, ready to provide you with steamy hot showers. Cook a heart-warming breakfast on a warm gas stove as you gaze out of the beautiful open kitchen at the unbelievable views that surround you then enjoy your meal at the edge of the mountain or around a bonfire in their cosy boma area overlooking the De Kaap Valley 800 metres below.



Kaapsehoop Adventures is perfect when you are looking to get away from the craziness without breaking the bank - take a walk through one the many hiking trails, help yourself to the free vegetable garden a mere 10 metres from the cooking area or simply enjoy a peaceful moment in their rooms that create the perfect atmosphere for romance with a wood fireplace and a comfortable queen size bed, ideal for a couple looking to escape reality! Find Kaapsehoop Adventures on Facebook.



Kaapsehoop is guaranteed to keep you at peace and entertained at the same time. Still not convinced? Kaapsehoop has more surprises in store. It hosts the third biggest breeding colony in South Africa of the blue swallow which can be found just outside the town in a 460 hectare expanse of immaculate grassland. You can also take the kids on a two-wheeler scooter ride through the gorgeous small town while stopping to enjoy the beautiful wild horses and multiple little shops. Then lastly, for the brave there is the Kaapsehoop Ghost Tour. This town has an intriguing history, stemming from the area’s shady gold mining past, Kaapsehoop’s history is shrouded in mystery and the puzzling case of the missing Kruger Millions.


What better place to take a break and enjoy your off time? Do yourself the favour of stepping out of the busy city life, feel the breeze run through your hair and enjoy the fresh smell of the mountain and forest air in Kaapsehoop this festive season!

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