Tourism Month in Mpumalanga


With a month long focus on building awareness to the importance of domestic tourism and the role it plays in growing the South African economy, the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) together with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDT) are thrilled to share the roll out of a series of events and activities aimed at promoting Mpumalanga as a destination of choice.

This year, tourism month focuses on the tourism sector’s unique ability to create desirable, long term jobs which in turn help to secure a more sustainable and assured future for millions of people around the globe. With its theme aligned to “Tourism and jobs, a better future for all”, job creation and economic growth are a high priority for the province, where working with the private sector will help to significantly reduce local unemployment rates.

All throughout the month of September the MTPA and vested stakeholders aim to showcase both established, as well as up and coming travel and tourism offerings encouraging domestic visitors to explore the diverse selection of  tourism features and highlights just a stone’s throw away from anywhere within the country. While emphasizing the variety of leisure and adventure attractions native to the province, it is also a priority to draw a spotlight on the growing number of cultural events and entertainment experiences that take place in the province throughout the year.

Through its leisure, adventure and cultural attractions, the Mpumalanga Tourism sector plays an integral part in contributing to the social development and economic growth of the country. Having been identified as the second fastest growing province at 64.1% (2.2 million) and contributing around 9.2% jobs to the total South African workforce, the province also recorded an increase of 2.9 million in the number of domestic tourism trips in 2018 when compared to 2017.

While promoting domestic tourism and  ensuring local South Africans are encouraged to explore the diverse offerings available, the province has also recorded an increase in the number of international tourists that visit Mpumalanga, welcoming a total of 1.6 million (an increase of 1.0%) international visitors in 2018 and a total of R15 billion from tourist spend in 2018.

As the focus in September remains rooted in awareness campaigns, to educate local communities on the importance of domestic tourism while showcasing the many local highlights, places of interest, imminent beauty and culture, through a series of exciting events taking place throughout September. Mpumalanga welcomes visitors from around the country to celebrate the province as a leisure, adventure and culture destination of choice!

Included in the programme of up and coming events taking place throughout Tourism month, don’t miss;

  • The Mbombela Jazz Festival on 7 and 8 September
  • Mpumalanga Provincial Parks Week from 9 – 13 September
  • Know your small town campaign on 20 September
  • Tourism Awareness Day on 21 September in Barberton

As we celebrate Tourism Month we encourage you to visit and discover Mpumalanga and share your travels throughout the province by uploading your experiences to your preferred social media channels using the hashtag #DiscoverMpumalanga

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