The Park Run at Halls – Join a Global Movement

12 November 2015 by Katy Johnson

At 8am every Saturday, people from around the globe are joining a movement. A cause that is all about getting people outside, encouraging them to be healthier and inspiring better life style choices. Undeterred by bad weather, the haze from the Friday night before, or the temptation to simply stay in bed, literally thousands of people across the globe are pulling on their kit, tying up their trainers and heading out for a Park Run.

You can join them by taking part in Nelspruit’s very own Park Run at Halls Gateway. Along a mixture of tarred roads and trail paths, the 5km course takes you through avocado orchards, staff housing and the dairy farm before looping back on itself. Depending on the weather the course can be sandy, muddy or somewhere in between, but whatever the condition it is always great fun. With great views of Mbombela Stadium and interesting natural features along the route, it makes for a lovely and invigorating morning out.

It is open to everyone, resulting in a great mix of interesting people lining up at the start gate just before 8am to be part of this global gathering. Professional runners stretch alongside grandmothers and families pushing buggies. Teenagers eager to stretch their muscles rub shoulders with unfit office workers simply wanting to reduce the medical aid payments. Then there are the dog walkers, whose furry friends come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you run, walk or even drag yourself around the course, it really is all about taking part.

The run is free, all you need do is register online at: www.parkrun.co.za/register. Once completed you will receive your own bar code to print out and bring along so your time can be officially record. More importantly the bar code also carries the contact details of a loved one, just in case you do over exert yourself!

What makes the run really great is the camaraderie that goes on during the run and the friendships that are formed afterwards over coffee at Halls. It really is one of the best ways of making friends in a new town and learning from the locals the best places to eat, see and try out. 

Each run can only take place with the hard work and effort that is put in by the volunteers, so it is a big thank-you to them and if you cannot run perhaps you can volunteer to help.

With numerous Park Runs found across South Africa, the growing trend is to complete the full set of SA Park Runs. This is elevating Park Run’s to being a tourist attraction in its own right. So this weekend why not try something new and be part of a global phenomenon sweeping the country.

For more information about the Park Runs check out www.parkrun.co.za or simply turn up at Halls on Saturday just before 8am, you won’t regret it!