Explore your city!

18 April 2017 by Katy Johnson

When was the last time you explored your city?  Ventured to a new attraction? Ate at new and interesting restaurant? 

Many of us are willing to travel hundreds of kilometres to find somewhere new, to take in the sites, eat the food and meet the people. The irony is we can have all these experiences much closer to home.


Take Nelspruit CBD. We all drive and walk through it but when was the last time you took a moment to look up, and take in the fabulous examples of 1960 architecture. It’s time we stop and smell the roses! You might come across some hidden gems that are often overlooked through the hustle and bustle of city life. Like the mosaic tile plaque in the Nedbank building for instance, that salutes the work of the South Africa Wetlands Trust. And what about the CBD garden on Brown Street that brings a flash of colour and the gentle touch of nature to the concrete jungle that is the CBD.


Fever Tree Nursery is another great example of a sanctuary in the city, that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle without leaving Nelspruit. Here you can find peace amongst the plants, while enjoying a leisurely lunch surrounded by a menagerie of wildlife. Combined with a spot of shopping in the Hall’s Farm Stall where you can browse the locally made produce and order a delicious breakfast, lunch or light bite to enjoy in the beautiful surrounds of the nursery.


How about city a tour, exploring the suburbs? Nelspruit is home to a fascinating mix of old, new, modernist, minimalist, extravagant, elegant and downright wacky housing imaginable. Lose yourself in the winding suburbs with their tree lined streets, amazing views of the city and fabulous mix of architectural beauties.


There are so many ways to explore a city. Whether it is formulating your own restaurant bucket list and then slowly ticking them off, one plate at time. Going on an Instagram tour of the city’s street art or simply asking the local tourist information office for a list of the must-see attractions in and around your city.


Nelspruit has some of the best restaurants, cafes and street food sellers in the Province. It is surrounded by fantastic tourist attractions and home to a host of hidden gems just waiting to be uncovered. So, what are you waiting for… why go on holiday when you have all this on your doorstep!

For more information about what Nelspruit has to offer check out:

www.krugerlowveld.com or contact them directly: info@krugerlowveld.com | +27 (0)13 755 2069.