Action Packed Adventures on your Doorstep

12 November 2015 by Katy Johnson

Just 62km, approximately 50 minutes’ drive, out of Nelspruit is the picturesque town of Sabie. Known for its panoramic views, quaint tea rooms and African crafts, it is also a hub of action packed adventure. Here are 5 of our favourite things to do:

#1 Abseiling down a Waterfall

Sabie is renowned for its waterfalls, where thousands of tourists coming each year to take selfies with the falls as the backdrop. For those wanting to get a little closer to the action then abseiling down a waterfall is the perfect adventure. Enjoy the spray on your face and the unique view as you descend before releasing into the cool pool of water at the bottom. This really is a fun memory to take away with you!

Cost: R220 | Duration: 1hour

#2 Kloof jumping

Kloofing is a descent down a ravine that is deeper than it is wide and in Sabie it involves a lot of getting wet! The Kloofing adventure involves a lot of hiking, scrambling, climbing, jumping and having fun, so it is not for the faint hearted or the terribly unfit. It is an incredible rush, especially as you jump into the unknown. With the beautiful Mac-mac falls as the backdrop, this adventure takes you way beyond the realms of the normal sightseeing tourist!

Cost: R350 | Duration: 3-4hours.

#3 Caving by Candle Light

Explore an underground world with only the flickering light of a candle to guide you. The ancient Sabie cave system is believed to extend all the way to Pilgrims Rest and is full of mesmerising rock formations and spectacular crystals. The 1km loop is accessible to anyone who can comfortably walk the distance and the optional tight crawls transform it into a thrill seeking adventure for those brave enough to attempt them.  

Cost: R220 | Duration: 1.5-2hours

#4 Geckoing and Tubing

Rated in the Top 10 Lowveld Adventures, Geckoing is a must for anyone who loves water and the thrill of adventure. Undeniably the best way to explore a river, the one-man solid floor inflatable raft allows you to sit, lie or even stand as you are carried down the river.  The many small rapid systems, waterfalls and deep pools found along the Sabie River make this adventure not only visually spectacular it will also get your heart pumping. As the Geckoing adventure has the reputation of being the fastest rafting experience on the market, just remember to bring a spare set of clothes! 

Cost: R350 | Duration: 2.5hours. 

#5 Forest Cruising

Forest cruising is the perfect mix of 4x4 adventure and water-based fun to explore beautiful natural forests of the Sabie Mountains. It is a great way to see some of the most spectacular vistas’ in Southern Africa and enjoy this wildlife haven. The forest cruise adventure takes you on an open 4x4 tour of this incredible landscape. Before stopping, for lunch, at a secret waterfall that is so far off the beaten track it is not recorded on any tourist map! There is also a chance for you to cool down with a refreshing river dip or laughter packed turn on the 30m bum slide! This is an adventure for all the family, the perfect day out to explore the natural beauty of our province.

Cost: R220 | Duration: 2.5hours

For more information about any of the activities mentioned above, check out www.kestelladventures.com or get in contact with Kestell on: info@kestelladventures.com | +27 (0)72 351 5553