MTPA Mandela Day Initiatives Aimed at the Elderly


As we reflect on the life and legacy of our country’s most fearless leader, the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) joins the Mandela 100 #BetheLegacy movement. In celebration of the centenary anniversary of the late Mr Nelson Mandela, the MTPA participated in the Mandela Day, 67 Minutes initiative by giving of their time, attention and devotion to the elderly people of Mpumalanga.

A challenge instigated by Mr Nelson Mandela himself in rendering compassion, kindness and humanity, through the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Mandela Day activation, local and global citizens around the world are conjured to “Find the Madiba in You” not just on Mandela Day but all throughout the year. In giving of your time, resources, charity and simple acts of kindness the Mandela Day #BeTheLegacy campaign strives in building a values-based society underpinned by Ubuntu. 

This year South Africa celebrates what would have been Madiba's 100th Birthday, a centenary anniversary that welcomed global leaders, people of influence and those willing and able to give of their time, to South African soil.

In living the legacy that Nelson Mandela instilled in each of us through his selfless and bold acts throughout his lifetime, the MTPA are proud to have contributed by serving senior citizens of South Africa.

Fitting to the theme of “making the world a better place”, the MTPA is committed to making a difference in the lives of various communities that reside on the borders of various nature reserves throughout the province of Mpumalanga.

Following a comprehensive needs analysis, as part of the Mandela Day initiative the MTPA identified three centres, home to elderly citizens to form part of their Mandela Day Campaign, namely;

  • Tiyang Matla Moriri Mosweu Old Age Centre
  • Boitumelo Home Based Care Centre 
  • Impilo Old Age Centre

After identifying various needs throughout the centre, the Tiyang Matla Moriri Mosweu Old Age Centre home near the Mdala and Mkhombo Nature Reserves received a well-deserved revamp and refurbishment. Renovations to the centre included;

  • The widening of the ablution facility 
  • The installation of hand rails fitted inside the ablution facilities 
  • Renovations made to the kitchen with the installation of an access door enter leading from the outside
  • The creation of a sick bay through partitioning of the hall
  • The plastering of interior and exterior walls of the centre
  • Painting of the exterior 
  • The installation of a Jojo water tank for rainwater harvesting

The Tiyang Matla Moriri Mosweu old age home further received additional equipment, supplies and resources needed to make occupation more comfortable and accessible to its twenty two residents. 
These included:

  • A stove and microwave for the kitchen
  • A communal wheel chair to be used throughout the centre
  • Blankets for the residents
  • Beanie hats 
  • Toiletries

Further to these efforts, both the Boitumelo Home Based Care Centre accommodating up to twenty six elderly citizens and the Impilo Old Age Home Centre home to thirty two elderly people as well as fifteen outpatients each received Jojo Water Tanks to assist with water supply, sanitation and rain water harvesting.

Humbled for having been able to play a part in the centenary celebration of Madiba the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency calls on fellow South Africans to continue to stand together in living Madiba’s legacy encouraging local and national citizens to inspire change and make every day a Mandela Day.

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