#MpumalangaBeyondWildlife the final MTPA #KnowYourSmallTown frontier Pt5.


What an adventure it’s been exploring the many places of great interest and natural beauty located throughout Mpumalanga in the MTPA #KnowYourSmallTown festive travel campaign. From Barberton to Dullstroom, Delmas and Amersfoort, having already featured some 14 local towns situated throughout the province, we wrap up with the last three towns on our Mpumalanga wanderlust wish list.

Join us on the final MTPA #KnowYourSmallTown frontier as we explore Graskop, Sabie and Hazyview.


What was initially established as a gold mining town in the 1880’s, today is an established gateway to a diverse selection of Mpumalanga travel gems. Graskop is a bustling tourism town and traveller’s hub of visitor information offering a central passage to some of the provinces most sought after and frequented travel attractions. Unlocking the regions doors to spectacular scenery, geological wonders and not to be missed features and highlights found along the Panorama Route, Graskop never ceases to amaze and delight local travellers looking for their next outdoor adventure.

Favourite attractions include God's Window, Bourke's Luck Potholes, the Blyde River Canyon, Three Rondawels and the ever-inviting Lisbon and Mac Mac Falls. More recent tourism attractions include the Graskop Gorge Lift Company and its suspension bridge and Big Swing. The lift ventures visitors 51 metres down the facade of the Graskop Gorge into the depths of the lush and plentiful Afromontane forests of Mpumalanga. Following decked forest trails, outdoor enthusiasts are treated to six different exhibits of various biodiversity exploring indigenous fauna, flora, insects, birding, conservation efforts and educational programmes on the importance of water conservation, and the ongoing protection of natural resources. Together with the Graskop Gorge Lift Company, guests may also enjoy the 52-metre long Suspension Bridge that connects the northern and southern sides of the gorge. The more adventurous guests can get their thrills diving from the worlds highest gorge swing, plummeting in a 70-metre freefall at 140km/h in under three seconds!


A local forestry town built along the banks of Mpumalanga’s Sabie River, Sabie comes from the Tsonga word "Ulusaba" meaning “ fearful river” and was named this as a result of the scores of man-eating crocodiles that used to inhabit the river together with the harsh currents of the water. What was initially established as a mining town when gold was accidentally discovered during a shooting practice exercise, as the bullets tore through targets, scores revealed flecks of gold encrusted by surrounding rock which saw the start of the gold rush in 1895. Sabie is also known for ancient rock paintings, engravings, artefacts and tools as evidence of some of South Africa’s earliest inhabitants.


An ancient Mapulana kingdom located on the slopes of the Drakensberg Mountain Range, with a history of gold and the establishment of the Selati Railway Line, Hazyview is renowned for being one of the largest producers of Banana (20%) and Macadamia nut supplies (30%) in South Africa. Welcoming visitors in pursuit of an African safari encounter, Hazyview paves one of Mpumalanga’s various paths en route to the Kruger National Park. A central source of supplies, access to tourism guides and visitor information before entering the Kruger National Park, Hazyview also offers guest a variety of nearby adventures including quad biking, cultural experiences, shopping for curios, dining and hot air balloon adventures to name just a few.

Having explored a seemingly ceaseless list of adventures to be had and places to visit this concludes our #KnowYourSmallTown #MpumalangaBeyondWildlife festive showcase. We hope you have enjoyed learning about the many towns to visit throughout the province of Mpumalanga as much as we have enjoyed sharing them!

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