Make Winter Worthy in Mpumalanga


With winter poking its head around the corner, it’s never too late to plan and pack for a family escape to the province of Mpumalanga before thermals are a must, enjoy the place of the rising sun before winter is upon us!

With plenty of activities to choose from and zero chance of the kids or parents getting bored, Mpumalanga has something for everyone - from a boat cruise through the Blyde River Canyon to zip line adventures, quad bike rides, horseback riding, hiking trails, expansive views such as God’s Window and perfectly placed picnic areas, there is literally something for everyone in this province!

10 Hour Game Drive

Drive through the world-renowned Kruger National Park in pursuit of the Big 5 with experienced guides and local game rangers who will give you the opportunity to see how nature works in this vast region. Enjoy the camping sites as you spoil yourself with the boundless views the park has to offer. Did you know the Kruger National Park has their very own television show? Who knows, maybe you’ll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to see yourself on TV!

Blyde River Boat Cruise

Step into the world's third largest canyon on a boat cruise along the Blyde River! With its numerous stunning waterfalls, crocodiles and massive birdlife, this leisurely trip down the river is sure to have you captivated and leave you wanting more!

Dabble in an Endangered Wildlife Tour

This tour aims to raise awareness about the various efforts being made to preserve Africa's most endangered wildlife. This is an extremely important tour and is an excellent effort to inform children while they are still young how they can make a positive impact and to be able to educate others on the importance of endangered species. The tour allows visits to two conservation centres that rehabilitate and release animals back into the wild. This is a must for your itinerary, as it is not only educational but heart-warming and a great experience too.

Two-man Tented Camp Experience

A tented camping experience is a unique and memorable way to acquaint yourself with the African bushveld. It allows you to step into the wilderness and experience the continent's call for adventure.

Tree House Safari Stay

What could possibly be better than staying in a treehouse, just like your childhood dream?! A couple of meters above the ground with a great view of wildlife and scenery, Treehouse Safari accommodations makes this possible and are a great way to experience the African bushveld, leaving you safely enveloped by nature while providing a variety of treetop camps and tents to choose from that will allow you to customize your stay to fit your needs.

Offering local and international visitors one of the most geographically diverse adventure destinations of choice, the province of Mpumalanga looks forward to welcoming you and your family to a Winter Wonderland of leisure travel!

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