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There is no better vantage point to encounter an authentically African escape than on foot, stumbling along the many pathways and hiking trails that lead you into the heart of the Mpumalanga bushveld. To be fully submersed in the vastly contrasting landscapes located throughout the province of Mpumalanga is one of the surest ways to disconnect and decompress from inner city stress and urban living. From vast savannah plains to the lush African wilderness or wildlife trails prolific with animals, birdlife and untouched ecosystems your eyes will grow tired from sighting.


To follow see just a few walking safaris and infamous hiking trails native to Mpumalanga waiting to be explored.


Rhino Walking Safaris

Located in the south eastern section of the Kruger National Park, Rhino Walking Safaris covers an area of around 12 000 hectares of private wilderness. Offering exclusive guided walking trails with expert guides in the Kruger National Park, the Rhino Walking Safaris extends an intimate experience with the African wilderness, with sights, sounds and encounters that will forever be etched into your memory.


Shindzela Tented Bush Camp

Located in Big Five country inside of the Timbavati Nature Reserve forming part of the Greater Kruger National Park, Kruger Walking safaris are offered as ideal game viewing encounters. Taking between 2 to 4 hours, these trail expeditions are ideal for those looking for a taste of a wildlife walking safari but not a fully immersive experience. Accommodating up to around 8 guests, the walking group will be accompanied by an experienced tracker as well as a safari guide.


The Num-Num Trails

Green flag approved, the Num-Num trail was voted "Best Long Trail in South Africa in 2013”. With trail durations lasting anything between 2 to 5 days depending on the hiking trail experience you prefer, the Num-Num trail follows a circular route that explores the very best of Mpumalanga’s contrasting landscapes, vast birding ecosystems and an abundance of fauna and flora.


Wathaba Hiking Trails

With two trails available to explore, the Wathaba hiking trails offer a hiking destination for outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in as an ideal hiking weekend getaway. The two trails, namely the Bosbokroete (4km) and the Lynx Loop (10km) offers nature lovers a piece of heaven, with its tranquillity and beautiful surroundings host to some of Mpumalanga’s most spectacular birdlife as well as a variety of small mammals, reptiles and amphibians.


Blyde River Canyon Hiking Trails

Having recently opened, the Blyde River Canyon Hiking Trails offers a self-guided tour of some of Mpumalanga’s most well-known natural wonders. With trails varying in technicality and duration, the Blyde River Canyon Hiking Trails caters to a variety of visitor needs. Made up of the Belvedere day walk or the Waterval long trail, the Belvedere day walk is estimated to take the average hiker around five hours to complete with moderate activity required. The Waterval long trail offers outdoor enthusiasts an all-encompassing hiking and camping experience taking approximately 3 days to complete and is ideally suited to the experienced hiker or alternatively chaperoned by an experienced guide or tour operator.


Offering the most geographically diverse landscapes in South Africa, Mpumalanga hiking destinations gives rise to an assortment of ecosystems and environments thriving with life and making for a traveller’s treasure-trove of hiking and walking safari experiences!

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