A Memorable Family Getaway to Loskop Dam


Take a trip to one of the biggest man-made dams in Southern Africa, where you are guaranteed to unwind, relax and enjoy a secluded fishing spot, picnic site or place to simply chill out with your friends and family.

Loskop Dam is a haven for bird life and an anglers paradise! Bird watchers will absolutely love bringing out the binoculars to spot the many different bird species, while angler’s are sure to be spoilt for choice with fish such as silverfish, carp, bream and barbel sure to be on your hook!

Loskop offers more than just a dam, fishing and bird watching, also available to visitors are game drives, hikes, trail runs and a mountain bike route that will allow you to explore and enjoy the mountains that surround Loskop Dam, while the extremely relaxing atmosphere of nature will make it the perfect place to leave the worries of the world behind you and reconnect with nature, whether it is on foot, by bike or even in a 4x4.

For those looking for a weekend retreat and getaway, Forever Resorts Loskop provides the ideal setting; with a wide offering of activities from sunset cruises along the dam, keeping you informed with very clued-up tour guides, to early morning sunrise hikes where you can take in spectacular views from vantage points that look over the whole of Loskop Country - this is any nature lover’s dream!

This is the perfect getaway for the whole family, with a wide selection of activities for the young and old, kids will continuously be entertained as they enjoy the putt-putt, adventure playgrounds, fishing spots, cycling routes and of course the warm and cold swimming pools that look over the Dam.

The Forever Loskop experience will be memorable, relaxing and rejuvenating as the Lodge is set amongst the ravines of Kranspoort Mountains providing a bird‘s-eye view of the valley below and is the starting point for the 15 minute waterfall walk.

The guides are the perfect hiking companions, taking time to show you interesting features and stories along the way. The route is perfect any time of day thanks to the beautiful shade of the trees that keep the sun at bay and produce the most beautiful dappled light to walk in. While the route itself is not overly strenuous, there are a couple of places where you need to climb over a fallen tree or scramble across a rock or two. All ages and fitness levels are welcome to enjoy the hikes.

Take a time out and head to Loskop Dam for a relaxing and memorable getaway with your family. Take the kids along for them to enjoy various activities and make beautiful memories and while enjoying some much-needed family time.

So, what are you waiting for? pack the picnic basket, grab the fishing rods, throw in a good book and make your way to the extraordinary Loskop Dam!

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