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Let your imagination take you to your favourite features and travel attractions native to Mpumalanga.
While the nation takes to safety in the confinement of their homes many are left heartbroken as road trips, long weekend escapes and Easter holiday plans are postponed. 

While concerns mount as the Covid-19 pandemic indiscriminately moves through South African provinces, in a continued effort to ensure the health and safety of all South African citizens and tourists travelling in the province, the MTPA has  answered the presidents call to engage in a national lockdown.

Having implemented a number of measures to ensure that we comply with the lockdown guidelines, all provincial nature reserves including popular attractions along the Panorama route such as the Blyde River Canyon, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, God’s Window, Three Rondawels and Pinnacle will be closed to the public. While access to these reserves are closed to the public, essential services staff like Field Rangers and all those in the Wildlife Management programme will continue to work and ensure the safety of biological assets.

While the country unites in a national lockdown, know that South Africa will travel again. The time will come again where local travellers will take to national roads and venture to their favourite locations and holiday destinations in the “Place of the Rising Sun”. 

But for now as we take a stand by taking a step back, we will continue to showcase some of the province's most admired and much loved attractions, keeping your travel appetites wet and your holiday plans scheming until we meet again. 

The Panorama Route
Beginning in Nelspruit at the Lowveld Botanical Gardens and then on to White River for a variety of 4x4 adventures, highlights along the Panorama Route include natural attractions such as:
  • God's Window
  • Lisbon Falls
  • Berlin Falls
  • The Pinnacle
  • Bourke`s Luck Potholes
  • Blyde River Canyon

Heritage Route
Mpumalanga Heritage Route consists of 14 towns laid out across cosmos country as well as the grasslands and wetlands regions, many of which have played an important role in South Africa's history. Steeped in cultural heritage and accessible via self-drive means as well as self-catering accommodation, the Heritage route includes towns such as Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Balfour, Breyten, Carolina, Chrissiesmeeer, eManzana (formerly Badplaas), Ermelo, Hendrina, Mkhondo (formerly Piet Retief), Morgenzon, Perdekop, Standerton, Val and Wakkerstroom. 

The Liberation Heritage Route
Highlighting key freedom fighters as well as the destinations that featured prominently during the liberation struggle, the Liberation Heritage Route features six towns that were extensively involved in the anti-apartheid liberation struggle including  Bethal, Daggakraal, Ermelo, Saul Mkhizeville (formerly Driefontein), Secunda and Volksrust. The route caters to those looking for a self-drive excursion with a number of self-catering accommodation options available for booking along the way. 

Genesis Route 
The Mpumalanga Genesis Route lies in the heart of the province in the Makhonjwa Mountain Range, spanning across 220km's and mapped in the shape of a figure eight. Connecting the historic town of Barberton to the holiday destination of Badplaas and the agricultural community of Low’s Creek, the Genesis Route showcases some of Mpumalanga’s most diverse landscapes and spectacular viewpoints that can all be accessed via self-drive navigation and a variety of self-catering accommodations en route.

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