Thirty minutes’ drive from Middelburg, just off the N11 on the way to Loskop Dam is uBhetyan Game Lodge.

uBhetyan-o-Africa – Where Animals Get a Second Chance
22 March 2018 by Katy La Grange
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Middelburg is a large farming and industrial town but it has so much more to offer than that. You may even be pleasantly surprised after exploring Middelburg in the Cultural Heartlands.

Photos By: Katy La Grange and Corine de Jonge

Destination Middelburg
11 December 2017 by Mpumalanga Tourism
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The Cultural Heartlands is a region of rolling grasslands, beautiful bushveld mountain lands and great expanses of water. It is a place where the vibrant colours of the Ndebele and imposing presence of industry come together and draw people in. A region of hidden gems and the gateway to Mpumalanga. Next time, make time to explore the Cultural Heartlands.

The Top Ten Things to see or do along the Cultural Heartlands Route
11 December 2017 by Katy La Grange
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One of Middleburg’s biggest surprises was the variety of history that is wrapped up in this Mpumalanga Town. The perfect mix of military, cultural, social and economic history – from the Anglo-Boer War to fried chicken - all with a story to tell and with a continuing relevance to today.

Take a Historical Journey through Middelburg
05 July 2017 by Katy La Grange
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Of all Mpumalanga’s regions, none capture the vibrancy and spirit of South Africa’s ‘Rainbow Nation’ quite like the Cultural Heartlands. It’s the mix of opposites that all seem to find their place in this region that give this South African gem and the Eastern province its unique appeal.

The Cultural Heartlands welcome you!
05 July 2017 by Katy La Grange
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Although influenced by the landscape, Mpumalanga winters promise slight subtropical conditions for a mild and midrange gauge on the cold-ometer, just right for a self-drive school holiday getaway. Ah, the winter holidays, some of the longest in the school calendar offer reprieve from the bite of the cold in the dead of winter especially for road trip visitors to Mpumalanga. 

3 Superb Self-Drive Destinations in Mpumalanga
02 June 2017 by Camilla Meszaros
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Virtuoso® (a leading international travel agency network, specializing in luxury and experiential travel) announced that 2017 will be a year for travelers wishing to explore new destinations, seek authentic experiences, personal enrichment, adventure and rest and relaxation. South Africa frequently tops their lists as an emerging international destination and a top-notch adventure destination for 2017.

Explore the Cultural Heartlands
15 May 2017 by Katy La Grange
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The Cultural Heartlands might be better known for its power stations and coal mines, however it is also home to an important grassland ecosystem that supports a myriad of plant and animal species. 

The Unique Habitats of the Cultural Heartlands
12 January 2016 by Katy La Grange
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Follow the coordinates 25º 56’ 789”S,  29º 16’ 080”E to one of the Cultural Heartland’s best kept secrets. The road will take you to a secluded bay on the banks of Witbank Dam and here you will find Steve’s Place. Just an hour out of Gauteng on the R544, just off the N12, Steve’s Place is the perfect get away for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and exchange it for a bit of relaxation and recuperation. 

Steve’s Place – A hidden gem for the whole family to enjoy
08 January 2016 by Katy La Grange
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