7 Adventurous scenic trails awaiting your arrival


There’s absolutely nothing like a stroll on a pathway, through bushes, trees, over rocks, through streams, feeling the fresh breeze of the wind on your body and the warm sun radiating through you! Hiking and trail walking has become such a popular and fun activity to partake in, not only are you escaping reality but you’re burning calories too!

Offering some of the province’s most beautiful and idyllic hiking trails, De Voetpadkloof, just 40km’s north of Middelburg makes for an easy access break away for families, couples and group getaways.

Located on a 600 hectare reserve on the way to the Loskop Dam, the De Voetpadkloof offers a variety of self-guided hiking trails made up of varying degrees of length and difficulty, welcoming people of all fitness levels! With up to seven hikes to select from, trails have been clearly demarcated and designed by hiking experts to offer a variety of walks to suit every person, while ensuring the safety and accurate technicality of each trail.

The 7 Trails:

Waterfall Loop
Moderately difficult, routing hikers on a 4.5 km Waterfall Loop past the reserve’s resident waterfall, the Waterfall Loop is the reserve’s most popular hiking trail, taking around 2 hours to complete and is ideal for the whole family to participate on.

Wildebeest Route
Longer and more technical than the Waterfall Loop, the Wildebeest Route is a 4 hour, 9 km hike that treats hikers to a stunning lookout point to catch your breath at. Resulting in moderate exertion the Wildebeest Route requires a reasonable level of fitness in order to complete comfortably.

Ribbok Trail
Perfect for beginner hikers, younger children and family groups, the Ribbok Trail is a brisk 5 km hike with a picturesque look out point and rest area.

Duiker Route
4 km’s in length taking approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the Duiker Route is a moderately graded trail ideally suited to beginners and family hiking groups.

Koedoe trail
Moderate in technicality but more challenging in length, the Koedoe hiking trail is 8 km’s long and will take more experienced hikers and fitness enthusiasts around 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete. A lovely hike for birding enthusiasts but perhaps a little too challenging (by way of distance) for younger children and beginner hikers, the Koedoe trail makes for a good benchmark to scale your progress against.

Klipspringer Route
9.5 km’s in length and requiring at least 4 to 4 and a half hours to complete, the Klipspringer hiking trail satisfies the experienced hiker seeking of adventure, adrenaline and a technical challenge!

Kuil Trail
Short (only 1.5km in length) but technically challenging for the advanced hiker, the Kuil Trail offers magnificent scenery and an abundance of wildlife viewing, worth every drop of sweat and physical exertion required to complete the trail.

Whether you are looking for an adventure, a break away from the norm or to take your hiking skills to new heights, the De-Voetpadkloof reserve offers an abundance of adventure, activity, rest, relaxation and retreat amongst wildlife, nature and the untouched countryside.

Find De-Voetpadkloof at Farm 1, Toevlugt 269, N11 in Middelburg or contact 013 245 8500 / 082 464 0718 for more or to make reservations. A must-visit!

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