With “Sustainable Tourism” as this year’s theme, the province of Mpumalanga is thrilled to host the 2017 World Tourism Day during the month of September. With an events calendar in build up to the main event on the 27th of this month, find interventions across various sectors of the economy in support of World Tourism day. Aimed at growing the provincial economy as well as addressing socio-economic challenges that affect the area, find month long events and happenings throughout the month and beyond aimed at advancing sustainable tourism throughout the province of Mpumalanga.

MTPA 2017 World Tourism Day Schedule
22 September 2017 by Camilla Meszaros
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Of all Mpumalanga’s regions, none capture the vibrancy and spirit of South Africa’s ‘Rainbow Nation’ quite like the Cultural Heartlands. It’s the mix of opposites that all seem to find their place in this region that give this South African gem and the Eastern province its unique appeal.

The Cultural Heartlands welcome you!
05 July 2017 by Katy La Grange
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Although influenced by the landscape, Mpumalanga winters promise slight subtropical conditions for a mild and midrange gauge on the cold-ometer, just right for a self-drive school holiday getaway. Ah, the winter holidays, some of the longest in the school calendar offer reprieve from the bite of the cold in the dead of winter especially for road trip visitors to Mpumalanga. 

3 Superb Self-Drive Destinations in Mpumalanga
02 June 2017 by Camilla Meszaros
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 From the moment you enter the magnificent gates of Dawsons Game and Trout Lodge, you know that you have been transported to somewhere very special. 

Fly Fishing in Fabulous Surrounds
16 March 2017 by Mpumalanga Tourism
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How Ed Viestur’s quote about climbing the 14 biggest peaks, “getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory”, just popped into my head at that precise moment I will never know. When it did I was halfway up my own mountain, a 15 m rock climb with a group of strangers I had only met an hour previously and who were at the bottom trying to encourage me on.

The Best Climb in Africa – At The Restaurant At The Edge Of The Universe
13 January 2017 by Katy Louise Johnson
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Hiking might not be the first thing that pops into many people’s minds when thinking about the Highlands Meander Region of Mpumalanga, trout fishing “yes”, hiking” no”! Yet this small section of South Africa’s “Big Five” province is home to some of the best hikes in the Country.

Hiking the Highlands
09 January 2017 by Katy Louise Johnson
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To find the heart of the Highlands Meander you first need to find the tiny hamlet of Tonteldoos. Dwarfed by its well-known neighbour Dullstroom with only 40 permanent residents you wouldn’t be blamed for wondering ‘what could this town possibly offer?’ The answer is loads as Tonteldoos is one of those places that are full of surprises and once you’ve found it you are unlikely to forget it.

Highlands at Heart
09 January 2017 by Katy Louise Johnson
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At 8am every Saturday, people from around the globe are joining a movement. A cause that is all about getting people outside, encouraging them to be healthier and inspiring better life style choices. Undeterred by bad weather, the haze from the Friday night before, or the temptation to simply stay in bed, literally thousands of people across the globe are pulling on their kit, tying up their trainers and heading out for a Park Run.

The Park Run at Halls – Join a Global Movement
12 November 2015 by Katy Johnson
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Just 62km, approximately 50 minutes’ drive, out of Nelspruit is the picturesque town of Sabie. Known for its panoramic views, quaint tea rooms and African crafts, it is also a hub of action packed adventure. Here are 5 of our favourite things to do:

Action Packed Adventures on your Doorstep
12 November 2015 by Katy Johnson
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